10:33a i think i’m going to make the old polos i still have into tunic tops.

like cut the collar + a little from the body, stitch it to part of a sweater maybe? maybe not a tunic top. hmm. maybe i’ll go to goodwill and look for long sleeve shirts to layer it with, cut the polo and stitch them together to make a shirt that won’t overheat me the rest of the year.

also i can’t wait to hear frigay’s take on krampus. i don’t think i’ve watched that specific film yet. fun times.


2:30p my coworkers moralize food to the point where i don’t even want to discuss it. i just don’t.

they’re like, “you’re so healthy”

“you eat so healthy”

“you eat so good”

“you’re so good”

what the fuck, no. i am a person. i am not good or bad. i have a dairy sensitivity, and the cost to benefit for me is entirely too high.

i’m 99% sure that the curry i ate on saturday night had yogurt in it and i’ve been itchy since. i’ll be okay in a few days. i just have to take care of myself. i didn’t ask because there was a “v” next to the menu item, a temporary lapse in judgement. i’m not killing myself over it, i’ll just learn how to make my own curry and eat it at home because that shit WAS DELICIOUS.


9:35a i still feel pretty upbeat. good.

there was some halloween candy in the breakroom and i’d normally just walk on by but it was full of the guava and mango chili nerds. those are the absolute best and i really hope they keep making those flavors.

9:56a oh man i think i just heard the genesis of the adventure zone. mbmbam #97.


7:28a are you scared of these stories is one of my absolute favorite comedy shows. my god these guys don’t even know. they have some of the best poop jokes I’ve ever heard.

8:17a sweet jesus, i think microdosing is the best idea I’ve ever had. My Neighbors are Dead is already amazing and it’s funnier now. Everything’s a little bit better.

3:13p this week’s mbmbam is fucking killing me. the fettuccine snack thing is so goddamned funny. let them eat raw pasta