hello from the magic tavern came back this week and I couldn’t be happier.

my performance review went well. i manage to get a solid review each year and they are happy to have me here. i have heard my supervisor say that they need me more than i need them, which is fucked up but not wrong. it’s a hard thing to find a job that potentially pays more but you’d have to move, and then the employer doesn’t want to be responsible if things don’t work out, blah blah blah. been down that road before. fuck it. this is my home and i’ll be here.


i love that the narrator for qwerty is keith david
more mr robot – i miss barack obama. like there’s a gap, i can’t see the current president as a president. i can’t picture his face next to the
ones in my history books.
i like this new take on fight club. idk how well it did since im watching it on amazon well after the fact, but it’s fun. i like the more
realistic feel. like hey look at that linux
man being able to wipe out everyone’s debt is pretty great. i wish that was a thing.
i have been daydreaming about building a teardrop camper while i brainstorm how to kill the ants in my home.
i like the imagery of gelding the wall street bull a lot. like A LOT
i am beyond jazzed that craig robinson is in this show. he’s pretty fantastic.
ive never been to new york before. just on google street view. it looks intimidating.
holy shit i cant believe it took me so long to figure out who bd wong plays in mr robot
ok the scene where he’s fuckin making up with that security guard that he decimated in season 1 legit made me cry so hard and im at work, also ty for the place at the table
so im watching the new season of disco this morning. anson mount fills out that gold shirt better than shatner did in his prime tbf. i was never
a huge classic trek fan. i like the tone of season 2 so far, i just hope that things work out and my fucking favorite character doesn’t leave the
anyway back to mr robot, this 90s intro is fucking destroying me. i guess this is what life will be like if american culture stays on the same
loop, in the same rut where we keep reliving the same tropes
wait is this how generational exchange happens?
holy shit i love love love love craig robinson
so this season has taken a turn for the weird and i still enjoy it.


i hate performance review time. i have a hard time judging how “well” i’m doing so i just put all high marks and hope everything works out. it’s been a couple days and my boss still hasn’t got to mine yet, but if i recall that’s normal.

in other news: i typed “moon that spells moon valley” for a subdivison name. i changed it before i moved on, but i have been listening to the stand. i haven’t read it in a long time and it’s still just as good as it was when i was a teenager. not like handmaid’s tale, which scares the shit out of me now. maybe after this administration is done and gone i’ll enjoy it again.

i also finished the current season of “man in the high castle”. i enjoyed it. i enjoyed the novella as well, and this extension of the story is fun. can’t wait for season 4.


10:33a i think i’m going to make the old polos i still have into tunic tops.

like cut the collar + a little from the body, stitch it to part of a sweater maybe? maybe not a tunic top. hmm. maybe i’ll go to goodwill and look for long sleeve shirts to layer it with, cut the polo and stitch them together to make a shirt that won’t overheat me the rest of the year.

also i can’t wait to hear frigay’s take on krampus. i don’t think i’ve watched that specific film yet. fun times.


2:30p my coworkers moralize food to the point where i don’t even want to discuss it. i just don’t.

they’re like, “you’re so healthy”

“you eat so healthy”

“you eat so good”

“you’re so good”

what the fuck, no. i am a person. i am not good or bad. i have a dairy sensitivity, and the cost to benefit for me is entirely too high.

i’m 99% sure that the curry i ate on saturday night had yogurt in it and i’ve been itchy since. i’ll be okay in a few days. i just have to take care of myself. i didn’t ask because there was a “v” next to the menu item, a temporary lapse in judgement. i’m not killing myself over it, i’ll just learn how to make my own curry and eat it at home because that shit WAS DELICIOUS.