Unti555tled.mxd #110

9:12a moving went decent. my boyfriend has a ton of stuff. i managed to move most of my things save for the kitchen, work clothes, and the few items of furniture i have. 2 desks, 2 bookshelves. i got the bookshelf i could lift out though, that was fun. it flew out of the back of my truck.

1:42p tomefoolery is pretty excellent. totally worth listening to if you want some literary giggles.

3:09p got to meet one of the big surveyors today. him and his wife are super nice. they retired recently and were put in charge of an estate on bolivar and they’re trying to get the lots sorted out.

4:35p it’s super busy. i also don’t have internet at the apartment right now (it’s on at the condo) so now my evenings are strangely productive

like maybe the internet is distracting me from life


4:53p wow, someone else is quitting. she’s had like every job in this office, too. she got a sweet promotion. i hope she’s not quitting this to go be a bossbabe or something, she was doing that when she was running a different department. MLMs don’t have pensions

Unti555tled.mxd #109

7:57a ohhh my goodness. closing is tomorrow. i haven’t heard back from my lender about the finalized closing disclosure yet so i don’t know what sum to get on my cashier’s check yet. i can guess all day long, but i have to be exact.

and it’s still going to rain this weekend. ugh.

i need to get the following things:

queen size bed frame
queen size allergy covers for the mattress and bedspring
something to lock up the attic door

11:06a lender finally got back to me. waiting on final CD right now so i can figure out what i need to bring with me tomorrow. i’m on edge tbh and it sucks.

11:30a thinking about frogging my temperature wrap agin. i’m not happy with the drape. lack of drape? i used the wrong needle size and it’s stiff. uuugggghhhh.

Unti555tled.mxd #108

8:26a still busy. closing is soon and i am scared. it’s supposed to rain this weekend and i had planned on moving. fuck.

it is also scary having a technologically illiterate boss and coworkers. fuck.

i’ve been listening to the liberty podcast. it’s interesting.

9:36a bubble is interesting so far.

10:16a jonathan coulton’s “come ride a boat” is fucking golden. i could do without the hipster shit, but that’s like 85% of the show. i think i’ll stay for coulton.

10:19a one of my coworkers constantly makes this tiny mistake and she doesn’t listen to me. like, the long account numbers she gives to some of these cut outs is just wrong. like this one that just came through:

split out lots 3 & 10 from 4, half of 5, 8 and 9. the original account number was xxxx-0011-0005-003

which is correct for an account that still contains some of lot 5. no big deal there. the 3rd set of 4 digits is the lot code, the last 3 digits being the split code. still correct.

the split out of 3 & 10 was given the account number was xxxx-0011-0005-004. 3 & 10 contains none of lot 5. i corrected it to xxxx-0011-0003-000. this might have been -001 if there had been a previously deleted account that contained lot 3 at one point, but that was not the case here. she doesn’t listen to me, mostly because i haven’t been here as long as them. i’m also not a man.

3:52p i want to make my hair look good. this is going to be a long journey. i’m also stressing because my final closing docs haven’t shown up yet and they are supposed to be signed today so we can close on friday. uuuuggggghhhhh

also, liberty is great.

Unti555tled.mxd #107

8:08a it’s supposed to rain this weekend and i’m closing on the condo on friday. i took the day off. i may have to rent a uhaul, simply to be able to cover my things on the way. or be able to move more in a go.

i’ve been listening to a lot of talking tolkien. i really enjoy it. i enjoyed the silmarillion, as hard as it was to read. it was totally worth it.

3:30p i’ve been really busy. closing is set for friday. dealing with that debit card shit. i stress eat and i have like next to no money. i guess that’s good. i can knit. i have a ton of knitting projects to work on. i am like maybe 25% through a stormy skies wrap and it’s good looking.

Unti555tled.mxd #106

8:11a lmao ben and adam referenced some drama in the facebook group by calling it the mirror universe. like “the facebook group went mirror universe there for a while”

9:31a my debit card was skimmed and used early this morning. i saw the texts from my bank when i woke up this morning and spent about 10 minutes with card services getting everything sorted. i am so glad i turned on text messaging for my checking account, otherwise i wouldn’t have known until my card got declined somewhere.

4:13p i really want to write. i’m just trying to figure out what to put down.

Unti555tled.mxd #105

8:22a anthony bourdain died today. he’s been one of my favorite authors forever. “kitchen confidential” influenced me in ways it was designed not to. i was already in the midst of my own drug problem and didn’t see that lesson until later. i wanted to be a rock star, and i ended up washing out in a bowling alley at ~26. i learned a lot, but it wasn’t until i quit the industry cold turkey (with the help of – guess who? – anthony bourdain) that i saw it for what it was.

i mean, the lesson was in “waiting” as well. of all fucking movies. this was never meant to last forever.

10:56a listening to this episode of reply all about incels: https://pca.st/V4q6

i had never seen/listened to elliot rodger’s video that he posted before he murdered those women in california. it was a man who desperately needed help and too wrapped up in his own warped mental state to get it.

the host makes an excellent point that the people who are angry and violent take up so much space, it edges out the people who actually do need help, that need support, that just need a friendly hand to maybe fix what’s wrong in their lives so they can fill that love-shaped void in their life.

also, great point about how there’s no old guard in the incel community. the old guard moved on after finding love and no longer needing the incel community – leaving the dregs, the absolutely vile sludge behind to groom and train the next wave.

11:47a in a week from today, i will be a homeowner.

12:27p john rodrick(sp?) made a fucking amazing point that i need to remember. they’re discussing “clear and present danger” on friendly fire this week, and he made a faux wistful comment about the day (1994) in which audiences could still believe one old school dude was going to single-handedly straighten things out.

Unti555tled.mxd #104

8:16a i’m worried about my boss. he’s been out sick a few times this week. i remember that he told me a while back, when we were coming back from a meeting on the north side, that he had a cough he just couldn’t get rid of. he smokes, but not often. god i hope he doesn’t have cancer. i’m not ready for that responsibility.

but i mean, fuck is anyone ready?

8:33a i shared a memory from last year on facebook of some metes and bounds i’d seen that used an axle stuck in the ground for a point of commencement. a friend from an old job commented, surely that can’t be accurate? i look at the metes again. it came off of a survey, and made it through title, so yeah, it’s accurate. doesn’t mean i can find the shit, but it’s got references to the a northerly parcel that are viable.

she remarked that she though it was strange that people used “lot pegs” for calls here. like that’s normal here, dude

9:09a uuugggghhh. i dug up a deed from 1899 and like fucking 950 acres of the bolivar peninsula was $450. from the beach to what would be the intercoastal waterway.

10:06a this time next week i’ll have cash in hand for my fucking condo. oh my goodness.

10:09a listening to cromcast is really making me want to write. like i started a personal wiki to keep notes. i don’t want to make them public, because if there’s anything i’ve learned that if i start making stuff i want to succeed public i’ll fail. like i already got the satisfaction high from putting my work out into the world, why continue?

1:44p ugh i got the sinking suspicion that i just fucked up, but it’s not a terrible fuck up.