7:29a i think i have a cold. great. but i got a cauldryn fire (i hate the name) back in january and it’s pretty great, ive pretty much only used it for theraflu and tea.

7:32a i got another emotet email. this time to bot spoofed a woman with USPS that i talk to regularly. the text is hilarious in context, why tf is usps sending me an invoice lololololololllllolll

11:10a weather is looking goodish for thanksgiving weekend. hopefully it doesn’t rain toooooo bad and holds off over the weekend.

4:21p the phenomenon is pretty fucking great


9:10a just chilling with emotet on my work machine. trying to fix it but everything says “this is a pain in the aaaaaaaassssssss”

at least i have 2 computers in here and can still be somewhat productive.

been relistening to nosleep’s back catalog since i picked up the season pass 10 pack during their flash sale. i love peter lewis’ narration sssssooooooooo mmmuuucccchhhh

12:58p home and going to have a peaceful weekend. starting with a load of towels.


10:43a i didn’t write yesterday. busy day.

hopefully my condo association gets back to me soon about what “structural changes” means so i can start ripping up the floor in my little bathroom. i’m back to wanting to do concrete instead of laminate.

11:03a i’m not happy about beto losing. no one likes ted cruz. no one. and yet they keep fucking voting him in.

11:25a cool, i’m going to start tearing up tile tonight. i do not like that bathroom. i hope there’s already concrete there that i can just clean up and seal.

4:32p my coworkers cry about the rain a lot. like teenagers. i think they’re all older than me.

is that bitchy to think? jeez. i don’t know anymore.

but sometimes it feels like the rain will never end. like we’re skipping heros and villains weekend at faire because of the rain. this sucks. oh well. we’ll just party extra hard on thanksgiving.


8:41a had a nice quiet weekend at home. def needed it. i love going to faire, but man sometimes you really need to get your house in order.

10:38a i’m doing a driveby of modern witchcraft just to see if it’s the same as i left it in the late 90s

it’s not. i’m also 100% not the same person i was in my early teens, and information is ssssssssooooooo much easier to access and cross-reference than it was way back.

2:38P i inhaled some of my drink and i can’t stop coughing. this sucks.