notes from the office #1

redrew res a of [xxxxx]. something is wrong with the call on the cul-de-sacs that make the curves do wrong things.

lots of address questions. seacrest sec 1 is in the city of texas city, uses the la marque post office, and the dickinson school district. can’t wait to start fielding questions about that.

“Split into COGO lines: An unexpected failure occurred.
The row contains a bad value. [cogolines]
The row contains a bad value. [Radius]
The geometry is legal but certain of its properties cannot be computed.”

okay, i’m splitting the polygon i traced up into multiple sections to narrow down which row contains the bad radius. it was probably some super shallow curve, replaced it with a straight line. literally cannot tell the difference.

i generated a new table of direction calls using a line FC with cogo fields (create new line fc->import attributes from line FC in parcel fabric. that will have all the necessary fields.) use the split into cogo lines to generate calls. add field for line number, then number lines in sequential order from POB (how can i automate this process??). print table and redraw polygon in parcel fabric. no more bad geometry.


i’m thinking about how i’m going to refinish our firepit. should i just buy a package of sandpaper, a block and the hi-temp spraypaint i need or get an electric sander? i’m leaning towards electric sander, but i’m not 100% yet. the top for the pit is mesh, and there’s no way for me to sand inside the mesh. only the top and underside of it. i might be overthinking it. but the pit definitely needs refinishing, it’s starting to rust a little and it should last few more seasons at least.

if i get the electric sander that kind of opens the door to some light woodworking. i could build a nice bookshelf if i just got a small jigsaw and an electric drill. maybe build a proper hammock stand. oh, but then i’d need to get some saw-horses or a proper workbench. ooohhh and maybe a small lathe to turn fun stuff.


i accidentally deleted the relationship class for my tax parcels to the annotation dimensions feature class which broke one of the best features of using a parcel fabric. go me.

i tried to run a compress operation yesterday, and it just kept on and on and on and on and i had to kill it. thankfully that didn’t happen this time. compress -> rebuild indexes -> analyze datasets, then move on. going to examine a blank LGIM fabric’s annotation relationship class to see if i can recreate it or if i’m just screwed and have to remake my production database. i mean, it’s not the end of the world. it’s just way inconvinent because i have notes stored in plans and i’d have to figure out how to port those over too, but i mean, shit it shouldn’t be that bad.

okay, that totally worked. so if you accidentally delete your relationship class you can totally recreate it based off of the information given in the properties window for a blank LGIM’s annotation FC relationship class. the annotate parcel courses tool works just like it did before. i have a habit of relying on the “convert selected labels to annotation” tool to label subdivisions, which creates a new FC and relationship class every time it’s used and then eventually deleteting the unneeded annotation FCs. i will copy the annotation into the legacy annotation FC and reposition/restyle as needed. i do the same thing with the dimension annotations, it’s tedious but it’s easier for me to manage when it comes time to generate a release.


customer service is on fire today. i guess everyone took the week off and finally got over their christmas hangover to take care of business. if you’re using the copy machine in their department, you can see into my closet/office. [xxxx] in customer service shot me her best i’m-gonna-scream face and i nodded, trying to show some solidarity. i face into the customer lobby, so sometimes they can see me. i can’t get caught looking unprofessional.

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