notes from the office #3

we left at 3 on friday. it was sleeting on my way in today. made a decision yesterday that i’m going to start a temperature throw blanket and ordered the yarn i need to start. made sure to get the non-dye-lot red heart yarn so i can buy more later down the line and it will match. right now, i have an isla cowl in lion brand mandala’s chimera in my take-along project bag and a car blanket on my needles at home. the car blanket is an eyelet stitch that i started to use up some lion brand homespun that i love the color of (redwood stripes), but i have a lot of it and the cowl i made last year from it didn’t hold up very well.

like i finished a ponytail hat in november after faire was over and i’ve been on a roll ever since. i knitted two pixie hats and a scarf for white elephant gifts. i finished another cowl to replace the homespun cowl that unravelled on me that matched my ponytail hat. i love knitting, like finding a pattern and picking the yarn, making a swatch sucks but it works and i should do that more. the sense of completion when you finish a project is something that i don’t feel often. one of my goals this year is to learn how to do socks, 2 at a time because i know i would finish one and want to move on to something else instead of the other sock.

it’s still sleeting outside and i’m so happy that i’m inside. i think the heater is on, i mean if it’s not it’s all good because i have an electric blanket. i’m going to be cold regardless. ever since i lost all that weight i feel the cold more, like i never really felt it before because i was wearing a permanent 150 pound sweater.

well, boss just came around to tell us that we’re going home at 2pm today. i guess it’s because of the freeze.

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