notes from the office #4

we did not go home early the other day. txdot never pulled the trigger on closing the highways.

no entry yesterday because i was waaaaaaaaaaay too busy. i had a big job to finish and had to get [xxxx]’s arcgis update completed.

the job was matching a list of addresses & harvey damage data to our parcels. i couldn’t get this done completely with joining the gis situs data and the address data from pacs because friendswood city’s address list wasn’t identical to what we have in our database. my boss thought it was. i ended up having like ~300 addresses dropped from the join and i had to figure a way to match records. it ended up being manual entry, but that ended up being pretty painless.

tony’s machine was easy after i figured out that i needed to do the registrysizelimit workaround for the arcgis install. the installer takes like 2 hours to uninstall itself so i could start over, which suuuuuuucked. oh well. it’s done and [xxxx]’s happy as far as i can tell.

“love, peace, and taco grease” sounds disgusting. apparently that was painted on the inside of guy fieri’s NYC restaurant per mbmbam. that spot recently closed to much fanfare, i guess. i’m so glad i got out of restaurants. i can cook for pleasure again and it’s fantastic. i made some brownie hummus for a new year’s eve party and it was magical.

i got my darn good yarn box yesterday. i has some pretty recycled sari silk yarn, a set of DPNs and a crochet hook in it. i don’t think i’m going to make the air plant hanger pattern that came in the box, but it’s still pretty cool. maybe i’ll hang onto it for some cheaper yarn. that silk yarn is way too pretty/soft to use for that. like that’s something i’d never buy for myself. it’s too nice.

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