notes from the office #6

  • and with the full size office, comes full size responsibility.
  • 20k parcels worth of drive out maps for the appraisers, containing 2 subdivisions that haven’t been drawn in yet (one in progress, one literally just got set up last friday)
  • 1 guy asking me for an address plat that doesn’t exist
  • and then working a plat that doesn’t play nice. the engineer that drew it must have shown up drunk.
  • busy all day. [xxxx] asked me to figure out the sqft for a cutout because it wasn’t clear from the appraisal data which lot was which. that sounds easy, right? just go look at the map and mock up the cut out and output the sqft arcmap spits out. IT DOESN’T MATCH THE APPRAISAL DATA YAY. so i’m like pulling my hair out, going through the paper file to try and untangle the old combine data and i just flat out ask my boss, like wtf man. i’m kind of at the end of what i can do. apparently [xxxx] was just supposed to ask me for the sqft and not match up the lots to the data. so i handed that over and was doooone at 5:01.


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