notes from the office #7

  • i managed to hydrolock the sick $80 self-boiling electric mug i got. so i’m making a trip to harbor freight after work to pick up a pair of strap wrenches to try and open it back up. it’s not a matter of it vacuum sealed itself, i think i got some tea in the threads of the lid and now it’s stuck. i’ll have to write the company another note (1st was some unclear directions on the instruction sheet) about making note to not hydrolock the damned lid.
  • twenty-knit-teen:
    i’ve been going strong about knitting every day. i’m still working on the isla cowl and throw. fedex should be in later this week with the stuff for my temperature blanket. still trying to figure out what beads to buy for a scarf i’m planning.
  • still working on drunk engineer’s plat. there was one call on a block that’s 238ft wide that reads “s63-55-09e 1250.00”
      bruv please
      double check your calls

    it’s also full of curved blocks. i literally hate that. hate’s a strong word but omg i hate it. parcel fabrics don’t play nice with curves unless they match up 10000000% no difference. so yeah, i’m complaining because i can’t just breeze through this SOB and get to the rapidly growing pile of updates and other plats i have to work on.

    the curved blocks don’t have an entry on the curve table for the center line of the blocks. like this is what my dream block looks like:

    r | lot | lot | r
    o | lot | lot | o
    a | lot | lot | a
    d | lot | lot | d

    if that line down the middle where the lots meet is a curve, it will generally have a call on the map itself or on the curve table. no call! i can generate the radius from abusing the create parallel offset but jfc if i have to join anything back together it’s a nightmare because NONE of these lots actually line up nicely corner-to-corner.

    there are “eight” blocks in this subdivision. THERE ARE SEVEN. SEVEN BLOCKS. THEY SKIPPED BLOCK 4. seriously cut rate stuff here yall. they also jumped from section 4 to section 7. where are the other 2, yall?


  • is there a name for the feeling when you have a question for someone, but they’re not around anymore? it’s not as severe as the “i wish i could call my deceased relative” but it’s still a really empty feeling.
  • i can hear the woman nearby talking to someone about an agricultural exemption. she just asked the caller if they are going to put 150 cows on 5 acres. 30 cows per acre. ag exemption needs 5 animal units to qualify, an animal unit 1000 lbs of animal. i dont think this person is going to fit 150 cows on 5 acres? that sounds like a tight fit.


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