notes from the office #10

  • i’ve been matching up another list of houses from harvey to our database today. it’s tedious, because [xxxx] assumes that it’s going to match 1:1 to our database and guess what? every city does everything different BECAUSE THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY
  • i’ve been bingeing sawbones to get me through and it’s nice. i finished mission to xyzz and it was pretty hilarious. i love improv shows.
  • dude, i think everyone was fascinated with the hot zone when they read it. is that still taught in school? it should be. it’s important. sawbones: the cdc and medical censorship. that episode of sawbones is the best one i’ve heard yet.
  • sometimes i just dont feel like talking. i am not feeling great, i have a headache, and i have a huge unmatched address list to go through because no one wants to work together to keep the street names consistent between entities and agencies. i’m not trying to be rude, i promise. i’m also listening to my bluetooth headset, trying desperately to tune out the rest of the world for reasons i’ve already stated.
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