notes from the office #12

  • another sprintathon day. going back and forth between working on the map and working deeds since we’re behind. i did finish the mud maps and harvey data, so that’s good.
  • i can’t wait for my thimble to get here. my right index finger has taken a beating from knitting. i know part of it is a problem of technique, but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my technique without falling back to pushing the left needle with my index finger. it’s difficult. it would probably be worth changing though, having a crack on the pad of my index finger is really painful.
  • i’m listening to the episode of cults on the people’s temple today, and my only question rn is did jim jones just not have a refractory period or what? i’ve listened and read quite a bit on the people’s temple (“tapes from jonestown” is a good look as well), and this is the only time i recall hearing about how he slept with 20+ of his congregates in a day. like wtf. i don’t remember how old jones was during this period but still. that’s a lot of people, and even factoring in him not reaching orgasm with every partner. every other? idk, it’s honestly a really gross though.
  • i’m looking forward to the waco mini-series. i hope it’s on hulu or something because i don’t have cable tv.
  • this is also one of the times i’m glad i’m not a fed. while i love a good vacation, furlough is not a vacation. furlough is terrible.
  • i blew through “fire and fury” in a day and a half or so, it yielded nothing surprising (reality tv not-quite-celebrities and their families are garbage people, discuss). i returned the audiobook and got “ready player one” which is staying in my audible library forever.
  • ugh they mentioned idiocracy on blabbermouth. i loved that movie when it came out, but now it’s too close for reality for my taste and i absolutely hate that. can i just go live in the oasis now? jfc
  • do i like oprah? yes. do i want oprah for president? no. maybe oprah with a super strong VP to run things, but compared to the GOP she is solid gold though. maybe she’ll inspire people to vote for good candidates, which imo is one of the highest and best uses of her celebrity.
  • “savage’s razor” is fucking great – if we go on long enough we’ll end up at jill stein.
  • i forgot about the illiterate/post literate thing in “fire and fury”. ty blabbermouth. i’ve seen this in real life and it’s terrifying, like people that aren’t illiterate because they weren’t taught. they’re illiterate by sloth (love the animal, hate the behavior), somewhat by choice. they want to be spoonfed by the tv. and, hey ya’ll, i’ll let ya’ll know something – it’s not people my age. i’m on the older end of the millennial generation for reference.
  • “it’s a palace intrigue book. its a gossip about goblins written by a gossip goblin” – most accurate review of “fire and fury”, ty blabbermouth. totally paraphrased the quote because the hosts speak quickly. * YEEEEEES two episodes of blabbermouth back to back. i hate missing an episode, but getting caught up is always great.
  • “the bright tapes” is interesting. like it could make a netflix series, at least so far. i’m maybe 10 episodes in. i can dig the concept – a therapist that sees “atypical” people. like psychics, shapeshifters, time travelers. there’s a conspiracy subtext that’s intriguing. there’s a lot of meat on that bone.
  • the only character i’m not super fond of is damien. he is pretty predictable, kind of a sleezebag that can influence people. i mean, i guess if you’re going to tap the stereotypical extra senses and cryptid-adjacent topics you’d need that charcoal smudge in your rainbow.
  • it’s been a while since i’ve just read deeds all day. it’s going to take me a while to get back in the swing of things, but we need to get up to jan 1 before i can go back to gising all day



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