notes from the office #14

* i'm getting back into crypto. a couple of friends were gabbing about their investments and i had already had a drink or two and bought $20 in ethereum. now i've got 2 podcasts to listen through and get caught up back to speed. i have 12k dogecoin in a wallet from 4 years ago, lmao

* re: crypto. i have a lot of catching up to do. i had to refocus in 2014 on trying to transition my career from a total dead end (kitchens & retail) into something that might have some room for growth and advancement (GIS) and that was not easy then, just as it's not easy now and hasn't been my entire adult life. that meant dropping most of the hobbies i'd picked up to fill my downtime, crypto being among them.

*i think the only thing that made the cut was knitting and dungeons & dragons. i kept up with those because one is therapeutic and the other kept me social. 

* okay i'm going to start carefully documenting this consistent bug i'm seeing in my parcel fabric.
	* on occasion i get a plat without sqft for the lots, so i have to generate a table of lots w/ sqft for my boss. 
		workflow goes like this:
			* find POB for new subdivision in production fabric
			* in a scratch (NOT THE PRODUCTION) parcel fabric, i'll begin drawing in the lots from that POB. 
			* upon completion, i will save the subdivision in a cadastral XML file block-by-block, with any right of ways separate. i utilize an abundance of connection lines between blocks to maintain a uniform width ROW throughout 
				*aside: early on in using the parcel fabric, we were running into the problem of having a row start out at 60' and eventually narrow to a way unacceptable 50' or, in one case, 45'. like no, a residental street will never do that. on occasion you'll see a major highway that narrows down to a residential-size street, but that's rare. 
			* if a subdivision has 30+/- lots i will save it as one singular XML, anything more than that arcmap seems to slow down.
			* most of the time when i join a block to the production fabric over the parent parcel, there are no problems.
			* however, there have been multiple occasions where an entire block (and early on, entire subdivisions) that joined with zero area. upon inspection of the parcel lines (go into the attribute table -> find parcel -> use parcel explorer tool to open zero area parcel) i find that there is an errant connetion line generated at some point.				* i know for a fact i did not draw the errant connection line.
				* i do not know enough about how the cadastral XML files are generated, maybe there is an issue there? is that even something i can read about somewhere, or is it one of ESRI's trade secrets?
				* the errant connection line does appear in the line drawing during the join process. i did not get a screen shot of this.
	*UGH I'M TRYING TO FILL OUT MY EMPLOYEE REVIEW SHEET AT THE SAME TIME AND IT'S FILLING ME WITH ANXIETY. WHAT IF I'M TOOTING MY OWN HORN TOO HARD??? 				* you can see the lines that make up the block, so the data obviously loaded. there's no errant connection line in the parcel, so let's just force it to give me the "keep changes" option (go select a call *distance* and hit enter) and see if it will save the parcel correctly.				* that parcel now shows up with its neighbors. wtf.
				* i've done this a few times now and not found another errant connection line. it's generally got some strange characteristics, like the fabric thinks that a line neeeeeds to be, but the call and distance are wrong. 
				* found one. notice how that line is highlighted in the table but doesn't show up in the display? it's not a thing. it shouldn't be there. it's a glitch. 				* okay i'm going to manually delete this row from the parcel details window.
				* click that keep changes
				* k something didn't work right, because i went to go rejoin the parcel and it gave me the "unconnected parcels will be split, a connection line is missing" error, unjoin the parcel and examine.
				* connection line is back?
				* delete connection line
				* keep & join
				* ugh i got the parcels i absolutely need in, but i like to have the lot sublayer filled in so i can easily generate annotations. i haaaaaate this bug so bad
* i just figured out what all these harvey deeds are. ya'll ever seen those "i buy houses" placards on the side of the road? that's what these are. uuuuughhhh it makes my guts churn. I HATE VULTURES LIKE THAT. like the first sign popped up as soon as the roads were clear in my area. i was literally walking down to krogers to get some food and those signs were already there. i didn't get any food, the line was long and i didn't want to take a spot in line from someone with kids or someone that had lost everything. i still had some rice and meat, just wanted some vegetables and sodas. fwiw i knocked down every single sign i saw. give us a week to get our shit together, at least you vultures.

* i get bouts of impostor syndrome that just destroy me. i don't know how i'm going to keep up. but i know i can, i can remember getting over other bouts i've had and i just have to keep working and keep my chin up. it's just so difficult.

*i should have bought bitcoin when i first heard about it like 10 years ago dammit.

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