notes from the office #15

* one of the harvey homes i worked yesterday has now changed ownership 3 times. i was working the 17th, today i'm working the 27th. every owner since the original person has been some murkily named LLC in houston. this is what happens when you sell your flooded home to a street sign person. i can't blame some of them, a lot of the people that were flooded out were elderly and/or disabled and may not have had a better choice. i wish harvey hadn't been what it was. fwiw the area this home is in got like +/- 6ft water in homes. 
	* all those deeds were dated the same day, but filed at different times. hmmmmmmmmmm

* we all called mirror-lorca a long time ago, but it's weird now to have that confirmed. where is prime-lorca? how is mirror-voq going to react to prime-voq, because it'll make some GOOOOOOOOOOOOD tv to see that happen. or how will prime-l'rell react to mirror-voq? or mirror-l'rell, if she's still alive? 
* stamets is my absolute favorite disco character. anthony rapp has made me cry like 4 times now, and forgive me but i can't remember the actor that plays dr culber's name has got me twice. i'm going to start ranking my favorite star trek characters by times they make me cry. i think avery brooks has everyone else beat though, just because every time i've watched "the visitor" from deep space nine i'll cry the whole episode.

*mirror-stamets is a dick though, he's destroying the shroom network. way to go, terran empire. way to go.

*OMG on greatest gen, adam's theory about the end of this week's discovery is fucking me up right now. i need to watch it again and make sure what i saw is what happened.

* more harvey deeds. i can't wait for one of these side-of-the-road-sign companies to pick up a property that has had a tax deferral for like 10 years and immediately go bankrupt

* friendly fire is pretty good. i hope they keep the pedantic imdb comments as a reoccurring segment.

* why does john rodrick hate "bonin' down"? 

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