notes from the office #16

    sometimes i forget where i am geographically because, let’s be honest, i live with headphones on 90% of my day. and even then i spend most of my time on the internet. i overheard part of a conversation between coworkers about the merits of this christian bookstore vs that christian bookstore, because that’s the only media they consume. which i mean, that’s cool i guess? to each their own? the comment i heard threw me off a little. i’ve never actually been in a christian bookstore so i don’t know what is available, and i’m not really curious, but there aren’t bookstores for my religion.
    but i’m done with deeds until the next time the rest of the dept gets behind. i’ve been suffering map withdrawals. yall got any more of them metes and bounds??? no i have tons i literally have a weeks worth of backlog work to do so i’m good.
    it’s got a scale of 1-5 on how you’d rate yourself
    here’s the rub: 1 is the best, 5 is the worst
    totally counter-intuitive, unless you’re trying to gauge how much attention your staff is paying
    i’m a dummy and rated myself all 4s
    i should have wrote all 2s
    i think i might be making a mountain out of a molehill
    [boss] is a nice guy, he gave me a new sheet and a second chance
    fml my anxiety
    i can’t shove any more nicotine mints in my mouth, one is enough.
    i want to eat the whole bottle rn ugh
    i’ve been trying to find a townhome to buy.
    this is not easy because i’m on a real serious budget. buying and building on raw land is starting to look really good. everything i can find in my price range is actual garbage and i’d put enough money into it to buy something brand new that will also probably be garbage and not what i want.
    like [xxx xxxx]. just find a couple of empty lots and get enough together to purchase. sure it’s near methland but all i need is some fencing, cameras and signs. sheriff’s dept on speed dial. thinking about designing a tiny-ish home concept. saw an ad for a company in cypress that builds out, starting at like $1000. that’s tiny but omg, just put 2 together and there would be enough room for [xxxx] and i.
    i want to put it on stilts. it floods here. it’ll flood more in the future. (add $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to the cost of construction probably) lofted sleeping area cozy is a nice word for small, but a cozy kitchen. i’ve lived in nothing but apartments so that’s not hard to live with.  laundry next to kitchen roll a small bathroom into that. shower stall w/ seat. no full bathtub. i can’t remember the last time i took a bath. that’s a lie, it was 12 years ago. showers all the way. resin pour counter tops. fuck granite. laminate floors? hardwood is expensive and probably not all that renewable. recycled flooring?



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