notes from the office #18

o god i think i’m sick
please no
no no no

its not that i can’t deal with pain or whatever, i just am not ready to break my no sick day streak. let me get to 3 years and then we’ll talk about breaking it.

ppl think street addresses are the end-all be all
they aren’t. they can be incorrect. i just resolved an issue where the county assumed a street was “circle” and not “drive”, causing the electric company to pick up the incorrect street name. cue electric company telling their customers we are full of shit. like nah man, i have like 2 other agencies and the recorded plat saying differently. here’s my evidence please fix your shit.

this guys says, the map you sent me is wrong. i need a map for [situs number] [street name].
the map i sent him was for that situs number and street name.
he sends me the [xxx] sheet for the property from his broker
sheet from broker uses our parcel ID numbers and lists no situs address. sheet says    0 [street name]
i wonder who is actually wrong in this
why didn’t you just give me the parcel number. he didn’t know that was our number, now he knows.
the situs he gave me is an odd number, the street side the legal corresponds to is on    the even side.
that ended up being the parcel he needed, the original situs given was someone else’s and totally unrelated to the request other than having its correct address and that dude being totally wrrrrrroooonnnngggggggg
at least he didn’t fight me on it.

i’m feeling a little bit better now. it only took 7 hours.

somedays i wish i could just sit and hammer away at this bitcoin faucet and chip my way to being a bitcoin billionaire. i wish i’d hung onto the satoshi i had built up years ago instead of wasting it on the lottery the website has like a dummy. it would have actually been worth something today.

every day must end, and today will be no different.

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