notes from the office #19

i’m in love with ars paradoxica. the story hits for me. time travel, ww2, *just how paranoid and ccccccrazy the US government was at the time and the lengths they went/might have gone at the time*, and it’s told from several semi-reliable narrator’s audio diaries. it’s magic. it’s good listening. and the one episode where i actually noticed the content warning it was appreciated – the warned part was so fast and so well edited it caused me to pause what i was doing. like, did i just hear that? i couldn’t even think “oh fuck” before the story took off at a thousand miles an hour, flavorblasted xtreme storytelling . intense and amazing.

i enjoy ars paradoxica more than the bright tapes at this point. it hits a little bit more for me, like the bright tapes is enjoyable but sometimes it’s got too much high school drama for my taste. maybe too much “love story” for my taste? ars is more science fiction. the number station bit at the end of every episode is pretty cool, too. i haven’t figured out if there’s a correlation between the episode content and the weather in tulsa yet, but i haven’t googled it either. maybe it’s better as a mystery.

still not feeling 100%. it’s always worse when i wake up. slept like a rock though, so that’s nice.

tasks for this weekend:compare carpet cleaners. not my favorite thing ever, but it needs to get done. compare vacuums. i think that our oreck is on it’s last legs.clean the dogshit out of the living room. maybe play some overwatch.

i want to knit this circle vest pattern i got. i need to learn how to use DPNs first though, i have circs and straight needles down fine, so i guess DPNs are the next step. i think i need those for sock knitting too, that’s another thing on my yearly to-learn list. the pattern is dead easy and built for bulky yarn, so that’s not the problem. i foresee more youtubing in my future.

i should really look up how to add a zipper to a knit. like that circle vest would be pretty cool if it could zip shut.

“curses” is currently my favorite episode of ars paradoxica. it’s cute.

rectangle top idea:


isla cowl p2tog lace pattern for 2 inches, garter most of the body, lace pattern


p2tog lace pattern for ~6 inches from top, then same as the front

arms: p2tog lace pattern for 1/2 sleeve, ribbing to 3/4 sleeve.

omg timeswimmers is the best gag episode ever. i can’t wait to listen to the run of the koch brothers mystery show.

this week’s disco was just a cherry on top of the best sundae ever. and we’re still 2 episodes out from the end of the season!!! mirror lorca’s dead. he kind of turns into a trek-trump. make the empire glorious again!

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