notes from the office #20

been listening to knifepoint horror since i’m caught up on all my regular shows. i love that pocketcast lets me set up playlists, like i can pause a show i’m marathoning and keep my up next feed solely for the shows that release regularly. not saying the shows i’m catching up on aren’t regular – i’m sure some of them are, but some of them are dead and i just want to listen to them all without also falling behind on my weeklies.

frogged the homespun throw i restarted. i think i’m just going to make the circle vest i bought the pattern for yesterday with the red (since i have tons of it) and a wrap with the gray. i’m obsessed with that collar pattern from the isla cowl though, the k1-p2tog-kfb-k1-p1-k1 makes such a pretty pattern that i reeeeeeaaaaaaally waaaaant to do something else with it. i’ll probably make the wrap with that, the circle vest increases every row so it wouldn’t look right.

i’m on the collar portion of the isla cowl, it’s almost done but i’m taking my time. it’s my walking around project.

i’m halfway through january on my temperature blanket. the snow fluff is a total PITA, and it’s curling since i chose stockinette for the body. but, i think i mentioned before, i’m going to sew a backing on. not a big deal. i think it will be pretty when it’s done. note: i have notes for a hurricane fluff, and a flood fluff. i think i’d be okay with making something pretty out of a natural disaster. the snow bit i’m working on now is the MLK day storm, i’m alternating the temp with a blue/white variegated yarn i got to show the ice that persisted for 2 days.

i’m also thinking about making a tapestry out of 2017’s drought monitor. i just want to see how it would turn out.

i’m still turning the shirt idea around in my head. like maybe start the top of the body as 2 separate pieces and eventually join in the round after i get past the arm pit just to make life easier?

like okay, make gauge swatch for stockinette & p2tog pattern.
measure shoulder span, arm span, arm circumference, waist, bust, and figure out how long you want the shirt to be
bust out a spread sheet to calculate the cast on for the arms & body
then calculate # of rows for the top of the shirt to the armpit.
cast on body, have some contrasting yarn to mark where to sew the top together & where to sew on arms.
knit the 2 body pieces at the same time, just split the skein into 2 cakes or use both ends of the cake. place markers to distinguish between back and front, but the back should be the p2tog pattern.
join in the round once you get past the armholes, use a distinct stitch marker to distinguish the beginning of the round. knit in the round to ~2″ to end, then 2″ p2tog pattern for border.
maybe increase a little bit for a shape to the shirt after the waist?

i love garment construction, i know nothing about it but this shit all makes sense in my head. i spend most of my time thinking about knitting or making jewelry. i wish it were feasible to be an artist for a living.

for the gray homespun wrap:
look at the “i want that wrap” pattern from ravelry. how to adapt that to a bulky yarn? i think i should be okay with sz 10 needles.
you’ll still have to do a gauge swatch, but that’s okay. i think i have like 3 1/2 or 4 skeins of that gray.

i’m feeling better today. the mornings are still the worst of it, but by like 8 or 9 in the morning i’m feeling better.

the only thing i don’t like about knifepoint horror so far is that i can hear the windows click sound on the recording sometimes. it’s minute, but it pops me out of the story when i hear it. it’s pretty decent otherwise. no background music or sound effects so far, just pure narration.

why the fuck doesn’t chapstick work on me? i’ve tried a thousand different kinds with a thousand different ingredients, but my lips still chap. i’m hydrated af, eat decently. it’s not windy or super dry. it’s almost always +/- 70% humidity here.

omg the woman that has the desk like right across from my office is out sick. the woman that sits next to her is furiously cleaning out-sick’s desk with what smells like an entire bottle of lysol and clorox wipes. she’s talking to herself, i don’t know if she’s talking to me or not?? “whatever she’s got she can keep it”. the smell is killing me.

there are some days where i just want to sit at home and eat cake icing out of a can and cry

there are those fever chills again. uuuuuggggghhhhh

why do ppl waste the energy to complain about the same incident to anyone who will listen, oftentimes *verbatim*. like i heard a lady complain about the same taxpayer 3 times, repeating herself every time. like i get it, the lady wasn’t clear about what county collected her taxes. it can be confusing in that area since our county office *collects* for a specific entity but does not handle anything else. the taxpayer lives in [xyz] county, which is not our county. they’re literally on the other side of the creek. the city and school district straddles the creek, so one office collects for those entities but [xyz] county maintains the records and handles the rest of the billing for the relevant entities. it’s hard for the taxpayer to understand, especially if they’ve never had a problem before.

i got a freebie pattern for a fan shawl. i love the way it looks. i hope i get to make one.
i might kill myself doing that, but maybe a panel for the shirt could be fans

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