notes from the office #22

unfun weekend. spent half my weekend driving around trying to find a walk-in clinic. got my throat swabbed for strep, it came back as negative but the doctor said there’d been 18 cases of strep in his office already that weekend. so out i went with a prescription for antibiotics. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

i frogged my temperature blanket. i hated the way it was turning out. i restarted it as a triangle shawl, which should be a whole lot more manageable. i don’t think i’m experienced enough for a blanket quite yet.

hello from the magic tavern really came back strong from the slump it seemed like it was in. like ever since they wrapped up the great gatsby/book club thing every episode has been a hit. sub-point: maybe i just really dislike the great gatsby. not that i don’t appreciate its place in american literature, but jfc that book just isn’t my cup of tea.

2018 is going to be twenty-self-confidence-teen
i’m in an adult sized office
i’m in an adult sized salary bracket
i have to make adult sized decisions.
no more running, no more hiding, no more kicking the can down the road.

king falls AM is super cute.
i love ghost lincoln with a gatling gun
“fourscore and a cap in your ass”

i’m finishing up a neighborhood that looks kind of like that S thing everyone drew in middle school.

arcmap loves to hang. i really wish arcpro would hurry up and support fabrics so we can migrate over. uuuuugggggghhhhh

found the dude sweater pattern on ravelry. sweet god i need to make more progress on the projects i already have started (a mind-numbing 5 projects!!!!) before i start daydreaming about starting another one.
like i have 5 on the needles.
gray homespun wrap
i think i’ve put like 10 rows on this. it’s easy and i like it.
isla cowl (the end is in sight though)
mandala yarn is beautiful and i love the drape. i’ve made a couple mistakes but hopefully i can fix that up as soon as i cast off.
temperature shawl
i’m only a a week or so into the shawl, but it’s already a thousand times prettier than the blanket was turning out. i was trying to do something too complex and too big for my skill level. i’m going to put tassels and maaaaaybe a hood on it.
period scarf
this was a concept i thought about when i was looking at temperature blankets. it’s black and red with beads.
rainbow scarf
leftover skein of rainbow colored yarn from a hat i made for my friend. it’ll probably be part of a christmas present this year.

episode 23 of king falls AM has the best ever ever ever star trek/star wars mash-up beat-down i’ve ever heard

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