notes from the office #23

it’s going to be a day and i can already feel it

it has not been a day. i’m happy for that. i did just notice the woman that started here the same exact day and year that i did quit apparently? another person is at her desk now and iiiidk what happened. she wasn’t super happy with her job though, and was kind of a racist. fwiw i hope she went to go work at bath & body works. i recall she said that would be her dream job she’s never worked in retail, so good luck with that.

today is super busy. i have a stack of sub plats 3 inches thick, a 2 inch stack of entity annexations, a growing pile of split/combine edits that need done and the auditor is here. and i had a combine from my dusty pending folder come due, it was so involved it took me and boss a half hour to work through. it was harder to draw though

and even through all that, all i really want to do is craft. i’m going to frog my period scarf. i’m not happy with how it’s turning out. i think i’m going to make a cowl instead, it’s easier to keep all the color floats on the wrong side working in the round.

i want to do a star trek themed cross-stitch for my office
cross stitch representation of the mycelieum(sp) specimen from discovery?
maybe a cross stitch tree of gondor while i’m at it

Episode 40 of king falls just made my entire week. the 2016 christmas special, omg. i KNOW it’s february, but who gives a shit? they obviously put a whole TON of work into the episode and it’s magical. Listening to this kind of stuff makes me wish i could sing. like i can’t listen to off book without wanting to learn how to sing.

“next year we will, next year succeed no more shitty politics fillin’ up my feed”
new catchphrase for the year yall

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