notes from the office #24

been busy.

finished the isla cowl last night! yay
i ditched the period scarf idea. i have a hard time with color floats in flat stockinette.
i’m using the materials i got to make some beaded fingerless gloves. it’s a tube made of k2p1 ribbing with thumb holes. the knits are black and the purl is red with alternating beads.
i messed up the beads initially and decided to run with it. like it goes plain-bead-plain-bead-bead-plain-bead-plain-bead-plain, which i think will be fine as soon as it’s done.
i’m also learning how to magic loop doing these, so that will hopefully help nail that technique down so i can learn socks later on.
i finally finished off the leftover lunch i prepped a few weeks ago. it was bland and i’m going to do something different next time i need to clean out the freezer and pantry.
i made burrito bowls for the next 2 weeks that actually turned out pretty well.
1 lb dry black beans, seasoned & cooked
1.51 lb chicken thigh, cooked in salsa verde
2 bags of frozen “mexican medley” vegetables (lol, it’s broccoli, cauliflower, corn and red peppers. idk about all that)
i also made a pot of black bean & sweet potato chili for weeknight dinner. it’s pretty okay.

is it wrong that almost every time there’s a thunderstorm i wish for a blackout at work? it feels like high school but without any hope of graduating on to better things. maybe a free vacation day or something. ugh. if i write it here, will it come true? because we just had a blackout. it only lasted a few minutes though. lol

the burrito bowl lunch is waayyy better than what i had last. omg.

still way busy. lots of edits. lots of in-depth, 5 pages of metes and bounds edits

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