notes from the office #25

i finished ready player one last night and i’ll keep that book forever. i finished ready player one last night and i’ll keep that book forever.
started hillbilly elegy this morning. i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read(listen?) to this. how i didn’t end up in that kind of environment is luck, i think. it was my dad’s job that brought us to texas and away from that. even as straight-laced as i remember my extended family being, we were far from them even when we still lived in wv.
the author is only a year or two older than i am. i only know because he mentions being a junior in high school when the 9/11 attacks took place. i was a sophomore.
OH MY GOD he’s talking about my one of favorite subjects. conspiracy theories and the white working class. i see it all the fucking time, and there have been a handful of times i’ve been ACCUSED OF PARTICIPATING IN THEM. the sovereign citizen movement has a very small footprint here. sometimes i get scared, especially around protest season, that someone like that is going to come into our office and kill us all.

“the linens on the table look softer than my bedsheets, i need to find a way to touch them without being weird about it” this is also me, at the one fancy dinner i’ve ever been too. i was too drunk to remember if they were or not though.
i also never knew that the nasty teeth epidemic had a name – dewmouth. gross.
that book was so short but it floooooored me. it’s another book that’s going in the keep forever folder.
found out i still had like 6 episodes of king falls AM i hadn’t listened to. yaaaaaaay

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