notes from the office #26

one of my coworkers is in here talking loud about how fat she is (shes not) and how much she loves to eat and how much she loves this keto supplement that she drinks so that she doesn’t gain weight. it’s fucking bullshit and its fucking killing me listening to how duuuuumb this shit is

i made a set of maps for a community organizer group. they’re wanting to work in [xx xxxxxx], and i’m happy to help them in any way. idk what the modern term is for white flight is but it hit that city hard. i don’t even care that they’re religious. the guy mentioned being non-denominational so that scores some personal brownie points, i just care that someone wants to go to [xx xxxxxx] and fucking help. he sounded so very passionate on the phone, i hope it works out.

this is also the town i had a lady call on once, she’d bought a house to flip there. she was an out of towner, for sure. maybe new to the country because she had an accent but i didn’t ask. she’d bought it, let it sit for a few months (that might have been a lie, deed date was close a year prior to the call), and came back to all the copper stripped out of the home. she was trying to get information about the entities so she could figure out who to contact for building permits/zoning. it’s not me but let me point you in the right direction. the copper thing isn’t an isolated incident, but it’s the only one i’ve personally been told.

started listening to the annihilation series by jeff vandermeer. i liked the trailer to the movie, but idk if i’ll get a chance to see it.

ordered stuff this morning to make chapstick/lotion bars. i’m sick of this shit. i’m going to take another shot at making my own products now that i have my own kitchen to work in.
can i mull chapstick? i think i’m going to find out. mulling spices are my favorite scent.
or steep some tea while everything’s melting? omg. i wonder.

ugh i’m daydreaming about living in a beach cabin again, better stop. i’ll never be able to afford it.

i’m also daydreaming about getting some vegan mozzarella and making pepperoni rolls

is it a good sign that i’m no longer 100% filled with anxiety when i talk on the phone to randos? it’s down to like maybe 30%.

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