notes from the office #27

did not have a good weekend. got into a fight with my boyfriend.

started working on thorin’s hooded cowl from ravelry. i needed to figure out what to do with the beads and yarn i’d got for the period scarf i frogged and abandoned. i’m just going to use the black yarn and the red beads for it though, will probably get some other color of beads to flesh out the rest of the cowl.

still trying to learn how to play overwatch. it’s fun but i’m petrified to get into an actual match, like i’m stuck on playing vs AI right now. crippling social anxiety ahoy.

shower thought: the commodification of the housing market is a terrible thing.

is the fact that a new yorkish accent totally creeps me out? i know that they’re probably good people, just the way some of these folks talk is just… creepy. maybe it’s new jersey i’m thinking of. that’s not my region, and i’m going to go ahead and apologize. maybe it’s just the folks with that accent that operate in the real estate market that really just puts me on edge, like creepo, scam alert like set condition one, red alert red alert.

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