notes from the office #29

i do not celebrate valentines day. when i was younger, it was a point of pain. i was a nerd with persistant psoriasis flare ups, so no one was interested in me. when i got to be older, i dated assholes. one of which invited his absolutely revolting incel friend over for what i thought was going to be *our* valentines dinner & date night. he didn’t say anything to me about his friend. we ate dinner and i cried in the bathroom. we went out to a wine bar, the incel sat between my then-boyfriend and i and talked shit to me the whole time. i tried to mess around on my phone as much as possible, but this was before everything was smart phone optimized and it sucked ass. i was extremely hurt.

if i was the person then that i am today, i would have dumped that guy that evening. that relationship lasted for several years after that and never got better.

i told my current boyfriend that i didn’t like valentines day and he was okay with that. we celebrate “valentines” throughout the year on no specific date, just when we can.

listening to an episode of cults about the nuwaubian nations. they describe a riot in brooklyn and the general climate of that neighborhood the cult inhabited and it struck me as being similar to the plot of the first season of luke cage in a general kind of way. just less cults.

is the fucking welfare queen myth fed by this cult’s teachings? the show mentions that the leader encouraged its congregation to have tons of kids and file for welfare for money. what.

it’s a shame, because this dude made some sick jams


hearing someone using proper american newscaster english talk about “spitting rhymes” is throwing me off

so wait, did the nuwaubian nations originate the term “woke”? the hosts keep using that phrase in a way that is identical to the way i hear it today. oh god i have to google this now

i’ve been daydreaming about knitting and knitting adjacent things all day.
i have a ton of beads from bracelets i made to sell and it didn’t fly
did someone say fancy stitch markers?
customized needles
project bags
needle organizers

weekend idea: make pistachio & vanilla pudding, layer then freeze in cupcake pan.

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