notes from the office #30

i just started the newest episode of king falls AM and i really really really really hope it doesn’t break my heart like the valentine’s day episode did.

blabbermouth is talking about jeff session’s “anglo american” comment. i’m a reconstructionist heathen in progress, meaning i’m still learning. there’s a sizeable amount of reading to do before i would even feel comfortable finding a local group and participating. heathenry was born from racist groups and has, in the past (+/-) decade or so, been ripped from their hands. there’s no data in the texts that i’ve read that support racist or white supremacist ideals. anyway – navigating heathen social media circles has exposed me to every single dog whistle you could think of. “anglo american” is a fucking dog whistle if i’ve ever heard one.

harvest boxes are dumb and we’ve already tried that as a nation. i don’t think it worked out, but it was well before my time. afaik that’s where the “government cheese” joke came from.

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