notes from the office #32

9ish am: this weekend was okay until monday. i was off for presidents day. i saw my boyfriend off to work, around noon since he works second shift.

i took the trash out and noticed that the crew replacing the a/c units in our complex had started work on our building. we were supposed to get 24 hour notice beforehand to make sure our pets were out of the living room and the furniture was moved away from the a/c vent access panel.

no, we didn’t get notice.

so i went to the office, they are as confused as i am. i never heard back from management, fwiw.

we have 3 cats. they are normally great, sweet kitties. i get 2 cats wrangled and in the bedroom/bathroom area. i have to chase #3 until she gets kind of tired. i think i’m going to get her with the towel until she uses her very last weapon in her arsenal.

she shit all over me
she shit all over the carpet
she’s covered in shit, she’s covered the towel in shit, but i got her in the kennel.

kennel goes in the bathroom and i get in the shower. she yowls a little then calms down. baby, i know you don’t want to. i text my sister the veterinarian about this. she says it’s happened to her frequently and it’s normal, leave her be. turn out the light and let her calm down.

okay. so i got the shit off me, i got my clothes and everything else i can wash right now in the washing machine. i leave my kitty in her kennel in the dark, hoping she’ll calm down enough for me to get her out and get her clean.

i go to the store for dawn and thick gloves

i come back, she’s calm. i put the gloves on and reach into the kennel (this was dumb) and she bites down on my thumb hard enough to leave a white mark on my nail, a puncture *under* wound the nail, and 2 puncture wounds on the pad of my thumb through the glove.

i leave the kennel door open and exit the bathroom, which is what i should have done in the first place.

i’m praying that she’ll forgive me someday.

i go back out in the living room and start moving the remainder of my boyfriend’s stuff from his shelf to a safe spot in the bedroom closet. i move the now-empty shelf to a temporary spot in the living room. i hope that’s enough for those assholes who can’t read numbers. friday, they were working on building 6. they were supposed to start building 7 monday morning, but our building was closer to building 6 than building 7.

all i wanted to do with my monday was play some overwatch. i didn’t get to do that.

fwiw, i saw kitty #3 this morning and it looks like she cleaned herself up. all three of them are full of hiss and vinegar all night. momma cat is the most adaptable of them, and she was friendly with me this morning and begging for attention like normal. kitty #2 came out to cry at me, but i couldn’t intuit why. i saw her at the food bowl, water fountain, and litter box so those bases are covered. she only has eyes for my boyfriend though, so that might be it. maybe she just misses her human and doesn’t get why she’s in here. that’s probably it. i still feel like a monster even though my sister and boyfriend both tell me i’m not.

kitty #3’s name is zilla. they were born around when the godzilla movie with bryan cranston came out, and she was the biggest kitten in the litter. she is excessively physically strong and standoffish until she feels comfortable. she’s excessively sweet once she’s comfortable.

10ish am: i did get to play like an hour’s worth of overwatch on saturday. i really enjoy playing ana. i managed to land *one* sleep dart and it was super satisfying. like i’m not damaging you, but ha haaaaaaa try getting one of my teammates now! bet it feels great slamming w/a/s/d and you can’t move.

11ish am: i hope my kitties are okay. i always worry about them. i’ve only had to keep them out of the living room once before and normally that’s where they stay. i was able to trick them into going in there before, this time they were not having any of that.

11:24a: arcmap has now figure out how to fake me out. it’s obviously not responding, like it’s DOING SOMETHING instead of the task i asked it to (literally just switch versions). it’s not showing “not responding” anywhere, but if i attempt to click anywhere to get a menu or a *response* from the program, it just blinks the “windows busy” cursor oh wait it came back. only took 15 minutes. now lets see how long it takes to run reconcile all the way to delete the version that’s giving me problems. 1 minute 28 seconds but failed to delete. ugh.

11:33a: i tried to switch to a new version and it did it agaaaaaaaain. ugh. my productivity is shit today.

11:34a: there’s a subdivision in [xxxxxx xxxx] called the negro addition. i think an off-road vehicle shop just bought up part of it to put a shop on. i don’t know what to make of this. i mean, on it’s surface it’s nothing. i don’t think it was ever lived in by anyone. like one of the 2 streets platted were ever paved. there’s 1 house and 1 trailer back there. it’s next to the railroad tracks. it was platted in 1911. i know our nation’s history. unlike that deed i found last week, there’s no clause about who can own there. i don’t have ready access to records from that day and the online county clerk’s search by subdivision name isn’t very helpful. there’s one document from the 70s that references an earlier document but the cc doesn’t have it scanned. idk why i’m intrigued by this, maybe it’s just because this isn’t studied in school. it’s never mentioned. it’s a part of our legal record.

2:20p: when i die i want to have my ashes pressed into a synthetic diamond, set in a nice minimalist pendant and passed on to my family. if i don’t have one of my own, someone in the [xxxxxxx] family that will take me with them through their life and pass me on down that line.

2:56p: i seriously just want to be at home cuddling my kitties right now

3:30P: still thinking about my kitties, hoping they’re okay and conversely hoping they haven’t torn up/pooped on my stuff

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