notes from the office #33

[xxx] recommended black mass appeal to me because i’m curious about the satanic temple. not curious like i want to join, i just want to understand. like learn about what motivates their tradition. the show’s got the stink of west coast liberal elite (versus my dirty 3rd coast, hillbilly liberal elite) and romaticisim but that’s okay. religious tradition generally has a thick greasy coating of romaticisim and i need to get over it.

ugh, i want to @ these folks at black mass appeal re: tucker carlson’s 5 pillars comment. he’s making a blatant attempt to draw a line between islam and the satanic temple ya’ll. islam has five pillars.

~10 minutes later~

email sent.

for what it’s worth, i love one of the host’s opinion on robert stack. he is truly a saint.

8:33a good night, arcmap has the strangest memory leaks sometimes. i think this is a memory leak. i asked it to convert labels to annotation from a polygon layer generated from a selection and stored in memory (as opposed to a distinct feature class in a database). arcmap is now not responding and it’s consuming almost 100% of the cpu and consuming about gig of memory. it’s still working, i can see as much from the task manager. i wonder why this happens? i wonder if qgis does this? i’m still toying with the fantasy of migrating away from arc products and into the freeware world. idk, i don’t think the state would go for that. oohhh i was in an edit session, i wonder if that had anything i had to do with it.

8:42a oh haaaay arcmap came back with my labels.

10:38a arcmap’s doing it again. this time i exported my subject parcels to their own FC in a fgdb instead of using a layer stored in memory. it’s still acting just like it did earlier this morning. i’m not in an edit session. uuugh. this podcast is entertaining, though.

i’m also thinking i might poison myself if i eat the rice balls i made. i normally leave a snack on my desk for the morning half of my day so i’m not extra cranky when lunch rolls around. i remembered that cooked rice is a phf, and it’s been sitting there for +/- 3.5 hours without refrigeration. duh dummy, pack it with an ice pack tomorrow. w/e, i have an ice pack in my lunch box for the afternoon snack.

i don’t remember having a lunch box when i was a kid. i think my mom packed my lunch a handful of times right after we moved here but that stopped pretty early on. i was always sent with some money for lunch. my mom is, and has always been, a hoarder. i never had a clean home or a clean kitchen to cook in until these last few years of my adult life that i’ve lived with [xxxxx]. i also live in constant fear that my mom’s problem will lead to my parents death. like she’s got papers all over the kitchen counter right near the stove. she knows that’s a risk, but does nothing. idk.

oh hey arcmap’s done and it’s 10:48.

2:36p i wish naptime was a thing we could do as adults

3:37p arcmap’s doing that thing again where it just blinks the windows busy cursor at me again. ugh.

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