notes from the office #34

8:26a day 3 of living with the kitties within 8 feet of me at all times has been pretty okay. zilla forgave me, she let me pet her this morning. momma cat and littlefoot are back to begging for more food from the feeder after they’ve already finished the food that was in there. like noooo, you guys ate all of it. there will be more in a few hours.

it makes me happy to hear that blue apron and hellofresh are distancing themselves from the proposed SNAP makeover. i think that if i had to use that service i would die pretty quick, like i’m allergic to milk and i might get gout from all the high sodium canned stuff. SNAP is not the most ideal solution but it’s way better than the box. at least with the SNAP card you have agency-ish over what you buy. i ffffffffucking hate the GOP. free market when it makes tons of money for them. let kids get slaughtered in their schools so their ammosexual lobbyists keep that cash tap flowing for them. bbbuhughgh

10:23a back on listening to black mass appeal after catching up on my tuesday/wednesday shows. i love halloween. it’s a fun holiday.

10:47a waiting patiently on a parcel merge. i’m trying to plan out this wrap i have the wrist cast on for already. i want to make a summer-weight wrap to wear at work, like i want to be able to put one arm on, wrap the body of the wrap around me, then put the other on arm and secure the wrap. should i just do garter lace entirely? im thinking so. it’s a 1 row repeat. i’m going to have to do a gauge swatch because i didn’t before i started the project. i’ll pull the other side of the skein, put the cable with my live work on stoppers and swatch on a different cable. i’m going to have to order more of those from knitpicks.

10:56a UUUGHHH sometimes the edit parcel progress window gets stuck behind the arcmap main window and there’s NO WAY to know what’s happening. progress windows are so 1999 ya’ll get with the tttiiiiimmmeeessss

3:52p i’m still turning the idea of starting a heathen group around in my head. my friend started a satanic temple (proto? it’s not an official part of tst) group that is still really young but promising for their purposes. mostly, there’s only one other group in my region. it’s on the other side of houston and a theod, which is heathen++++. i am afraid. i’ve met one other person down here that’s out as a heathen and not a white supremacist. it was that florida school shooting that got me thinking, what if he’d joined a better group? i don’t think the group he joined was a heathen one, simply white supremacist terrorists, but still. if that kid had landed in a right-side-of-history heathen group (THEY EXIST) instead of them… fuck.

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