notes from the office #36

8ish am: i love how usidore's wizard state spans the multiverse. and flower too? that's awesome.


blemish returning is the best, he's one of my favorite characters on that show. and chicks fall out of his mouth instead of cats! maybe he's my favorite because that character is my strongest memory from when i started listening to the show, pre-2016 election. the voice the actor uses oozed into my ears and no matter how often clean my ears i just can't get it out. that was also roughly the same time as our first trip to the rennaisance faire, so some really positive memories there. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblemmmmmiiiiiiiiissssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

you can't win with this guy, no matter what dimension you're in!

maybe i just want to live in a fantasy universe. scratch the maybe, i totally do. i'm sick of this shit. 

omg, blemish is today's hero! and hugs! omg melkior, the keeper of the doom horn that blows at the end of the show. omg. i love this show. the interlude episodes are amazing. 

10:34a: ugh coming down off this monday morning pod high SUCKS

2:59P i've been trying to work on the same entity update all fucking day but the phone keeps ringing. i wish i could figure out a way to better communicate with the taxpayers at large - like most of these questions could be solved by going to our website and reading. i made a sweet ass online interactive map that could answer a good quarter of these call-in questions. my fucking chewing gum supply has taken a beating because if i eat any more nicotine mints i'm going to be sick. i can't cronch cronch cronch on those all day long as much as my addiction wants me to. like i have shit to do after work. i gotta go vote. vote for that democratic party then hit the grocery store because i'm out of carrots. 

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