notes from the office #37

8:34a can i go home and play some overwatch plz. i've been thinking about it all week. i've only played like 2 hours in the past 2 weeks. i just want to play the fucking game i bought. 

10:57A i joined the section 31 challenge in the greatest gen workout group. i'm going to make it to 100 push ups in a go by the end of march. yes i can.

listening to the recap episode for the greatest discovery. i need to watch disco through again before i cancel cbsgo or whatever the fuck it's called. i loved disco, i want more disco, and i'm signing up for cbs through amazon next season, amazon's app is WAY BETTER than cbs' native one. i do agree with them that cbs only offering disco through it's service alone in the US is worrysome. i'm not opposed to paying for disco, i mean I DID, but jfc their service needs work. the other shows aren't enough to keep me paying $6/month, ffs. 

fwiw i ride for stamets, with tilly in the sidecar.  

i only ever accidentally watched a little bit of after trek. my boyfriend watched it, or would fall asleep with it on. i didn't care for what i saw, even though the actors would show up (super cool). i'm not fond of the host or the nerdist in general. 

i do agree with them on the series opener though, it's disjointed from the rest of the season. it's like the writing crew for that first episode just like lost their project idea board or whatever between episode 1 and the rest of the season and had to scramble to figure out where they were going last minute. 

my favorite moment was the bit where stamets is in his coma and reunites with culber. thanks star trek, ya'll find a way to make me cry at least once a season (LOOKING AT YOU, "THE VISITOR"). 

ben says one of his panellist for their fantasy after trek is nichelle nichols and that needs a resounding YES PLEASE from the rest of the community. god i hope she's doing well, i haven't heard anything about her since she had a stroke a few years back. she did so much for black representation in media and deserves more accord than she's received. 

12:11p i'm listening to a youtube series on how to knit a raglan sweater from the top down. reading the patterns for that is a lot more intimidating than listening to this woman talk me through it, she makes it seem super easy.

she must has made a bunch of this style sweater. i don't know how she can keep track of her right slant increase and left slant increases without markers. maybe it's because she's using DPNs, maybe that's easier to keep track of than using circular needles?? DPNs look so intimidating. how do the fucking needles even stay in place?! i'd be scared they'd slip out. 

i love how comcast talks at me if i haven't paid my bill before it's due. i've got 2 "friendly reminder" text messages since the 15th. lol. i'm going to pay the bill ya'll, i need my paycheck first.


nevermind she did

2:59p i'm going to learn how to do a handstand this year.

4:00pm this is about the time of the week i start to think about the next 2 weeks meal prep. i'm thinking about making bibimbap or something bibimbap adjacent. i'm not sure how i'm going to do the eggs yet. maybe just soft boil them the night before and keep it on the side with the pickled cucumber & carrot? 

4:21pm rice bowls for every meal, lol. THEY'RE SO EASY

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