notes from the office #39

9:11a i'm going to bust out the yoga mat when i get home. 

we got a new employee in my department today and i totally missed her name. i'm sure this will turn out just fine.

10:12a: i saw a vegan recipe i think i might try soon. it was some cold wheat spaghetti, sprialized zucchini and carrots, chickpeas and an almond butter sauce. i think i'd swap the almond for peanut butter. i guess it's not much of a recipe, more like a sauce recipe with stuff in it.

got my income tax refund in. put most of it in savings, but i got some new work shirts. i'm going to work on turning my old ones into something better to wear, but what can i do with basic polos? 

2:44p not much to write about today. i started listening to "following franklin jones", another cult podcast. what is it with boomers and cults?

3:16p i saw a neat picture of a wrap sweater. i can't find the pattern to buy tho, but it looks like it's just a huge cowl that you wrap around yourself. like cast on ~400 and knit for a foot or two. i'd have to like, mock this in fabric before i'd be able to make a knit version. 

3:47p i started another podcast called "personal best". it's super inspiring AND super canadian! i can dig it. the first episode really hits home for me, not because i'm like this but my boyfriend IIIIISSSS. the subject of the episode can't stop hitting their snooze button. she makes some real, serious progress on breaking that habit! omg. it's wonderful. they celebrate with party sized sub sandwiches! 

4:03p the second one kinda hits home for me. the dude wants to be in a room where there's balloons falling from the ceiling. the hosts start talking about the nature of celebration and apparently the subject never really felt like he was worth it. omg. i haven't celebrated my birthday in a long time. last time it was because my ex "threw" a party. he made me a cake and we went to a bar. 

funny story, my current boyfriend was at that same bar hanging out with some of his friends and they came over and picked up the chair i was in with his friends. like all four of them. i thought i was going to die. 

i have that same twisted philosophy as the subject - don't bother celebrating because all achievements are fleeting. it's not worth it. ugh. combine that with no self esteem, yeah no parties for me.

4:08p apparently a person called in to get a "refund form" for her harvey damage. there is no such thing and she was trying to get the taxes she paid on the home back for the months the home was unlivable. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat that's not a thing. all that money went to the entities, who hoooopefully are using it wisely. that's the price we pay to live in civil society.

4:14p they got a bunch of the subject's friends to write compliments on cards and put it up in a shoe store (totes related to the story) and got the subject to read them all. that's so cute.  

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