notes from the office #41

8:48a hello from the magic tavern's 3 year anniversary coincides with mine at work. i already gushed on facebook and twitter so i'll keep it short here. i was listening to the tail end of the show where arnie's monologuing about the show and i walk up to my office to put my stuff down and go out on my walk aaaaaaaand there's a "happy anniversary" paper taped up on my door. 

9:05a i wonder if peter lewis does asmr recordings. jfc i love his voice. 

i wrote audible last week to find out about a recorded version of "a stitch in time" but that will probably never happen. i'd loooove to hear andrew robinson pick up elim garak again but i think he's in his seventies and probably enjoying the shit out of retirement. 

9:28a i quit my 4am routine. i'd been getting up around 4 to go to the small gym in my complex for a year and a quarter or so, and it just wasn't working anymore. i was getting way too tired 100% of the time for the meager benefits of treadmilling and light weights for 30 minutes or so. i need that hour of sleep more, like i feel way better today. next up is trying to tackle getting away from the screen 30 minutes before bed. 

2:28P listening to an epiosde of trek geek's with andrew robinson. jfc i just want to hear him narrate a stitch in time.

2:42P one of the hosts admits that ds9 quite literally saved his life. hey bud, i'm in the same boat. 

4:59p it's been a busy monday.

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