notes from the office #43

9:26a it's been a day so far. p boring. i decided to leave my homespun wrap at home, it outgrew the drawstring bag i have and now i'll work on it while i'm on the exercise bike on the weekends. i have a dk weight netting stitch shrug in the works. no pattern, i couldn't find a pattern i liked. i have like 15 in my basket on ravelry rn. 

like i really want to take this pattern for a 3d-fox scarf and adapt it into chunt. i think all i'd need to do is change the colorways to a black yarn and a white one, maybe reshape the ears? otherwise it's pretty similar. make a little crown and a sperm necklace. 

i realllly like the congeria outro song. feels good, man.

11:10a i have some serious problems out-of-scoping people. like a dude was having trouble find a specific plat map. our website does not make that fucking easy, and that's not my choice. it's fuckin [xxxx xxxxxxxxxx]'s bullshit that prevents us from linking a given real property account to its individual pdf map like the old website that literally every real estate agent in the county used. they want us to exclusively use their gis and it's fuckin garbage. no web based gis that we have access to supports annotation right now, which is what plat maps rely heavily upon. 

anyway i had to walk this dude through downloading the full set of pdf maps, which is something that i've done like a million times. no problem. except the dude doesn't know what a download folder is or what windows is or any of that. i ask him if he has anyone around that could help him, since i can't see his screen it will be very difficult for me to walk him through this since i don't know the specifics of his set up. he says no. i cut to the chase and find the fucking accounts for him. i then recommend finding the help file for his browser and working through it to learn the AMAZING TOOL AT HIS FINGERTIPS

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