notes from the office #44

8:03a i love how pocketcast lets me set a given podcast to download and queue automatically. i also almost died when i heard dan carlin’s sweet tones out of nowhere. i love his addendum series, the format is a lot closer to what today’s podcast is (+/- 30 minutes) than the normal hardcore history series (8+ hours). not saying i don’t enjoy hardcore history (I DOOOOOOOO) but sometimes i just want a bite sized hardcore history. oh man.

10:30a it’s been so buuusssssyyyy

why do ex-employees think i care much if they used to work here? i really don't. it doesn't curry any favor with me. currying favor would be you going to the website and downloading the maps i work on and taking them to the fucking printer. or using the online tools that i made to do your radius reports. meh. 

3:22p it's been another busy day. 

4:18p i'm going to make cinnamon roll nutella pull apart bread for my work friend's birthday party tomorrow. 

an aside: my coworker always fucking put in for me for breakfast without asking. i'm fucking allergic to milk. i've been telling them that since i started working here. they never fucking remember. ever ever ever. it's not that i don't want or don't like burritos - I FUCKING LOVE BURRITOS. but i can't eat most of them, especially without reviewing what's in them. i'm already dealing with a flare-up on my foot from fucking something i ate at one point or maybe it's a different allergy or stress or whatever else triggers my eczema but jfc i can at least control that one lone factor. 

i have tried guilting them, being nice to them, speaking frankly about how dairy impacts my eczema. nothing sticks. i've stopped short of showing them photos of the worst of my flare-ups. i had a coworker whose son had the same issue and she remembered, but she had her own food allergies so she already knew what it was like.  

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