notes from the office #45

11:17a i dont really have much to write about today. i finished up season one of the white vault this morning. that is a fantastic horror audiodrama set in the artic circle. svardbald i think is how it's spelled? anyway it's pretty good stuff. i always like a good "stuck in a blizzard and shit's getting weird" story. 

i made a bunch of mini-cinnamon rolls. 1/3 regular, 1/3 nutella, 1/3 brown sugar & cinnamon cream cheese. i hope my coworker liked it.

i need to learn how to draw, like really draw. i can't. i can make lines with directional calls, and on paper i can use rulers and compasses and such but i can't ddddrrrraaaawwwww. i have so many ideas in my head but i can't get them out. 

11:46a i really hope the women talking outside my office aren't whisperscreaming about me. i think they're talking about the woman that always calls out (and is out today) that occupies the other desk right there. my anxiety tells me that they're talking about me tho. i have to put that thought away. 

2:02p can i just go home this sucks

one of my facebook friends got her citizenship today. that's fuckin respectable. she knows more about the US than i do. she designs the best shawls.

i'm glad martin shkreli's going to jail, even though it should have been for jacking the price of that HIV drug up. the charges were unrelated to that. 

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