notes from the office #46


8:44a i got a flyer in the mail yesterday basically saying i was stupid for renting and i need to contact this super awesome cool dude loan/real estate agent to get into a house asap. you're not making a good case to me. i don't really choose to rent - it's the best possible decision i could make right now. the flyer doesn't go into the additional fees that get charged when you don't have +/- 10% of the cost of the house handy for a down payment.

i'm sure they'd have me take out an additional loan for that. are they selling a new home or the remnants of a flooded home? has it been tested for mold? how's the drainage in that city? have they cleaned the storm sewers since harvey? (I CAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION: NO) how much interest? what's the likelyhood of getting screwed on that deal (it's a strong possibility). this is something my ex-friend would think is a great deal. 

this weekend was great until saturday evening. i was invited to a going away party for the now ex-friend. i go over to my friend's house, she'd invited us over beforehand to meet up beforehand. her house is on the way to ex-friends ex-apartment.

we had problems with ex-friend lying to us about his relationship with a truly shitty person and his financial situation (we'd offered help in planning budgets & debt consolidation). ex-friend and that person had broken up and got back together like every 2 weeks since jan 1. that person literally drained ex-friend of every single penny he had going out every night and getting him to call out of work to play beer pong all day. ex-friend had asked us to tell him if there were red flags and we noticed them. we told him. we supported him when they broke up and ex-friend became suicidal. ex-friend's roommate was a decent dude until ex-friend threw a drunken shitfit over that person inviting another person over to have sex with(???????) instead of ex-friend. i have no fucking idea what happened but ex-friend and that person got into a physical fight over it. this was relayed to me my boyfriend, who works with ex-friend's now ex-roommate.  

ex-friend got back together with that person a few days later and took their tax return money on a 3-day bender in austin. ex-friend lied up and down about where he was that weekend. apparently they broke up for good when ex-friend asked that person to throw down for the hotel bill. ex-friend hounded my boyfriend for a solid week trying to apologize to him for not listening to my boyfriend before this as well, you'd think that would mean that ex-friend wouldn't be getting back together with that person.  UH DUH WE'VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR AT LEAST A MONTH THAT PERSON WAS EXTRA BAD NEWS.

so fast forward to this weekend. ex-friend has nowhere to live after this lease is up, behind on his truck payments, possibly thisclose to being fired from his job for absenteeism. he throws a going away party, because he's going to stay with family in another state where he can get work in the family's business up there. my friend and i practice being fashionably late to events like this, basically if you start the party at 6, expect everyone around 8. this was not the case at all. he expected us there at 6 on the dot, and was getting butthurt when no one was telling him we were on our way in that 2 hour timeframe. he tells us in our group chat that he's going to a kareoke bar that my friend and i no longer go to because of the people that hang out there. it's a shithole full of people we don't want to see. he probably just wants to see whatever barfly friends he's got there that are going to enable the shit out of him. like: "noooo, fuck your truck payment drink it all away."

i then get butthurt and tell him i'm sorry for not facebook rsvp'ing, but i won't be attending. i'll catch you next time you're in town. my friend goes back and forth for about half an hour trying to figure out how to cancel. he did not ask us if we were on our way, he was waiting for us to do that. he did not ask us if we'd like to go to the kareoke bar instead, he just decides he's leaving the party (which is ex-roommate was also at, with other people as well). our other friend was heading over there anyway, because she'd got him a going-away present and wanted to see him. they had been close for a long time, since we all worked together in 2010-2011. 

i was in a bad mood the rest of the evening. my allergies were acting up and i was honestly kinda hurt. ex-friend lied to us then expected us to cater to his whims. he knows there are some places we just won't go. i don't think he was listening when i expressed my absolute hatred of places that allow smoking indoors. i smoked for 10 years, coming up on 5 years without one. the smell is intolerable. 

so yeah, ex-friend had told to other friend that he never came clean because he didn't want to be lectured. sometimes in life you NEED to be lectured. to be told explicitly you've done wrong and this is the why and how. relationships are built on trust, and if someone's lecturing you about how you fucked up you might want to listen. it's how we learn and grow as people. and that lecture isn't the end of the friendship, it's the pain of a healing bone. that one little fucking text message, saying he was going to that kareoke bar snapped that bone clear off. i was already cold-shouldering him since that 3-day weekend in austin lie-marathon. 

11:34a most of the time i viciously hate 8-5 life then i remember what shift work was like and just cry

it all sucks

4:52p can i just go home now, jfc. i just want to enjoy the apartment i pay too much for. that letter i got said the average rent was $800, i want to know where they got their garbage data.

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