notes from the office #47

9:04a reply all is a pretty fun show. i also forgot to mention that my boyfriend and i saw black panther over the weekend and it was fantastic. it's my favorite marvel universe movie at the moment. i generally don't follow marvel comics, they're not really my bag. the movies are fantastic though. i gravitate towards dc if i'm reading mainstream stuff, with the exception of some of the captain america/civil war books. i'm pretty big into bane.

1:24p can i just skip out the rest of the day and go to the park? it's too nice outside to stay in here all fucking day long UUUGGGGHHH

1:35p ohhh man i'd like to go see mbmbam live so bad

2:39p knit idea: circle vest w/ netting stitch

4:34p i really want to go see the northern lights before i die. i hope i get the chance to.

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