notes from the office #48

9:44a ive been refreshing the jones hall ticket page for mbmbam for a minute, waiting not-so-patiently. omg. 

9:56a the anxiety is real

i'd have to call out of work if this were a magic tavern show

10:02a i think that was ~$100 well spent. jones hall, you're killing me. 

3:04p i was getting some water in the break room and racist [xxxxxx] was washing her hands in the sink. well apparently the cap wasn't on the dish soap all the way and she managed to dump half of the dish soap down the sink (thanks racist [xxxxxx]) and loooudly complain about how the cap wasn't screwed all the way back on. hahahahahahahaha idk man it's pretty easy to tell if the cap's not screwed on to something, [XXXXXXX]. shit jiggles around when you pick it up. you can see the threads on the lid. pay attention to what you're doing.

i have also decided that i hate extra "classic bubble" gum. i bought a 3 pack and now i'll have to suffer. oh well. 

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