notes from the office #49

9:06a i started listening to dan carlin's "common sense" and idk what i think quite yet. i really love hardcore history and HH addendum, bbbbuuuutttt modern events? hmm. we'll see. i know he's generally a non-partisan dude and i can appreciate that. he made a really good point in one episode about "events" without a couple decades or reflection is like trying to read a billboard from 5 inches away. i mean, fuckin a. that's a good point. 

okay, he called himself a martian person on the political scale. i get that. i didn't check the date on this mess of back catalog i downloaded, buuuutt this episode is may of 2015. holy shit i get to relive the 2016 election with dan carlin. fml i wish i'd been listening to this at the time. 

9:22a the idea of an electorate that cannot remember its mistakes is fucking terrifying and the fact that this episode i'm listening to is in the summer of 2015... fuck man. this is going to be a rough podcast to listen to. 

9:26a I'VE NEVER HEARD DAN CARLIN PERFORM AN ACCENT BEFORE AND IT'S PRETTY CRAZY. he's got a pretty neutral, newscastery accent. hearing a jimmy the greek (i think that's what he called it) voice was nutso. it was also pretty good.

10:44a my knitting show updates every thursday and i always forget. it pops up in nice places. like starting to stress a little bit from dan carlin? verypink steps in to say hi for a little bit. then maybe some overwatch league news. then i'm back to carlin and i can handle it.

3:00p i think dan carlin might be my spirit animal. maybe sam harris too, i can't wait to give his show a shot.

they keep mentioning obama and i'm getting all sad. 

what the fuck is this show going to look like when trump rolls around?

3:25p i wonder if carlin's impression of wikileaks is going to change over time. i keep reminding myself that i started this show in 2015, not the most recent. i used to have a positive-ish view of them as well. 

3:40p damn. i enjoy common sense. it makes me feel like i'm back in college again.  

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