notes from the office #50

8:45a i think i should have been listening to dan carlin and sam harris in 2016, i think i would have had a better head on my shoulders. i wouldn't have almost completely destroyed my relationship. i wouldn't have to worry about filling in a dent in our door from an argument. uuuggghhh

12:02p i got some new shirts and now my old polos are folded up and put away. i kind of want to refashion them into something nice, but the sleeves are entirely too short for me to feel comfortable wearing them alone. i saw a thing on pinterest about crocheting a new yoke on a shirt, i am thinking i might do that to the sleeves and maybe extend the bottom of the shirt out so i could wear it untucked. the tutorial i'm half-watching looks easy enough. i think as long as i get a contrasting color yarn (its gonna be black who am i kidding)

12:07p holy shit i just ate two rolls of mentos and didn't even fucking think about it


the fruit ones taste fucking goooood though

12:10p watching people crochet is fucking nuts. i'm a knitter. i'm so confused. she's going sooooooooooooo fast. i have to learn this, it looks so quick. 

2:57p i think i'm going to frog the bolero i was starting. i had one sleeve done and it turned out huge. i didn't do a gauge swatch (hurrrr) but the ribbing was correct, but maybe i should decrease by 10 then try the sleeve again. it should go fast, the netting stitch is a quick knit. maybe decrease by half (so 20 sts at this point) then 2 wraps around the needle. i need to figure out how to frog back to the ribbing because i haaahahahahahaaate doing ribbing. 

3:06p common sense #296. i didn't plan on crying at work, but i did. thanks dude.

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