notes from the office #51


8:23a my coworker just came by to ask if it was star wars or star trek i liked. i said trek

now i'm starting to worry

please god i hope theyre not planning a birthday thing because they always forget i'm allergic to milk and won't eat a fuckin cake uuugggghhh i did once, at my old coworker's retirement party and i'm still dealing with the flare up. this shit can last for months. 

anyway, this week's hftmt was fantastic, like im gonna listen to it again after while. i need a good trip. i love it when they go kinda meta and talk right at hank. 

11:39a my impostor syndrome is acting up. i kind of want to die. i know i can do this but there's that voice in my head that says i can't and everyone will find out and you'll lose everything you've worked for because you're faking everything and you really don't know shit

4:52P my impostor syndrome makes me overthink everything and that's terrible

but i'm listening to this new show called "sounds like mlm but ok". the production quality isn't great, but that's cool because the show is fucking important. 

i'm listening to this show and im remembering my big boss selling these extra expensive essential oil diffusers/sets. it was less a few months before i started noticing he was out a lot. i found out way later, like late last year, about his cancer diagnosis. jfc i hope he didn't get sucked into that shit in reaction to his diagnosis. i haven't seen that diffuser in a long time but i'm not in or around his office often at all so idk. 

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