notes from the office #52

9:01a i’m relistening to this weeks hello from the magic tavern. i had a weird moment of asmr and maybe a head rush or something like that that strongly reminded me of the once acid trip i took many years ago. if the hftmt cast did an asmr recording i’d buy it twice, fwiw.

the sleep with me guy, holy god. scooter. you just won yourself another listener because i definitely need help sleeping and i wanted to sleeeeeep at my desk. at work. exactly when i can’t sleep no matter how much i want to.

11:03a we had a brief internet outage. like 15 minutes tops. i was on the phone and had to jump off because i couldn’t complete the taxpayer’s request. not a huge deal. the woman across from my office just keeps repeating that “[she] can’t close [software suite], it keeps saying connection interrupted”

the software suite we work in 99% of the time has this god awful method of telling you it can’t establish a connection with the server. it pops up a message saying as much, but unless the connection is immediately re-established that message just keeps popping up and you can’t exit or literally access anything else other than that message. i get it – don’t edit anything while there’s no connection. duh. but 90% of users have no idea how to use alt+f4 to close a window. so they’re stuck in a loop. and you have to restart the program to re-establish a connection once one is available. lol

11:38a yay network outages all day long

12:03p problem with having an office: no cell reception so i feel really cut off right now. at least i have thumb drive to save my entries to, so i can write in here. instagram seems to let me post. iiiish. i dont use instagram as much as i used to. maybe that needs to change.

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