notes from the office #53

8:04a i just read the news that the guy sending bombs to folks in austin killed himself. my coworker across the way keeps repeating that “they got him”. they didn’t get him, he’s dead. we’ll never have answers. i fear the next generation of unibombers will not have ted kaczynski’s(sp?) ego and stick around to explain himself. it was another young white man. why can’t we discuss the fact that white men are terrorizing the us without getting an onslaught of “not all men/feel bad for us” garbage? are we that insecure as to not be able to discuss the flaws in a portion of our nation but all the others are fair game?

10:03a if a property owner were to legally draw a dong shaped lot on their property it is not my place to tell them no. i can’t fathom why a city would get so uppity about having an irregular lot in their neighborhood, especially when these rich dudes get it surveyed with all the bells and whistles on the document. lazy fucks.

11:46a sometimes the way the woman across from me talks makes me want to cry. she’s so bitter and hateful it’s fucking infectious, i seriously wish she would bump up her retirement.

3:53p another retirement party today. i am really going to miss the person that’s leaving though, she was the first person i talked to here.

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