notes from the office #54

9:15a i have khou 11 up on facebook right now because there’s this fucking police chase that looks like it might have just ended. it’s been going on more than an hour

idk why i’m watching it

i don’t necessarily want to see someone die on live tv

omg hpd put a bulletproof vest on their k9 unit

i’m trying not to look at the live comments, they are stupid af.

9:20a oh god the suspect just took off. the reporter almost let out an exasperated “jesus” but caught herself. i don’t know your name, but i see you and i echo your statement.

hpd just spun him out and he’s still trying to get away

there’s easily a dozen swat vehicles and the one lone hpd cat got it done.

live comments are worried about taxpayer money for the police department. idk looks like they’re doing their job and literally no one else got hurt, looks like a good job to me. worry more about your elected officials getting fat off your money for no work.

10:07a blueberry muffin larabars are in my top favorite flavors now. i need to start making these at home, but idk $1/ea isn’t terrible.

10:22a i started “the magnus archives” today. it’s pretty decent, bite sized SCP style stories.

i tweeted at dan carlin’s common sense account when i finished the 2 years of back catalogue i downloaded. he tweeted a thank you back. i hope he does another episode this year. i love it when someone tweets back at me. like i tried to call spintax the green out last night on using beryl wrong and whomever runs that account tweeted back. it was fun. idk i don’t have much social interaction with people i actually want to interact with. it’s not that i’m all that socially isolated, i just don’t really like the company i’m in most of the time.

3:57p i’ve never dyed my hair but i saw someone who henna dyes their hair and it’s really pretty. oh my goodness, who am i??

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