notes from the office #56

8:37a i don’t want to be here today

10:09a at least it seems like the day is going quickly. i’m trying not to think about food. i stress eat. i stress ate over the weekend really fucking bad. i’m stressing over this meeting tomorrow that i have no fucking details on, all i know is i have to ride with my boss up to another [xxxxx] and “leave my truck somewhere” (like no i want to leave it at home or work thanks DUDE). no fucking details.

at least this week is a short week, and i don’t think we’re coming back to work after the meeting in town tomorrow. it’s like a 45 minute drive without traffic and we’re leaving at 3:30p to “miss rush hour”. traffic in town is rush hour 24 hours a day.

does referring to houston as “in town” make me a fucking hillbilly? thats kind of how i feel when i say it. but it’s appropriate – my county is either rural or suburban. there is no “city life”, so to speak. it’s sprawl at its worst. add to that, no public transportation. uuuguggghghghghggh

2:01p got just a little bit more info on tomorrow. boss is probably just going to follow me to the apartment and pick me up from there. idk i still have a gut feeling shit’s not going to work out well.

idk i have that feeling all the time.

2:56p thinking about getting into acrylic nails. idk, i have a dremel tool. i have some money to throw at it. i have some overwatch themed indy nailpolish i’m going to pick up soon that’s got thermal pigmentation. my natural nails have never grown very long. idk it might be fun. i wouldn’t do something super long… like less than 1/4″ on the tips. otherwise i might not be able to type very well.

3:22p listening to today’s pod save america. they’re talking about the trans ban. i had a thought this morning while watching a ds9 rerun & eating breakfast. it’s the episode where quark finds out his mother is seeing the grand nagus. i had an initial thought that trump’s like the grand nagus in this episode, because it’s revealed that zek has ferengi dementia. brunt sees opportunity there and breaks up quark’s mom and zek to take zek’s seat as grand nagus. i thought, well maybe trump’s acting more like brunt… you know, the opportunist willing to do literally anything to achieve what he wants.

i thought about the analogy a little more after that discussion on pod save america. trump’s still a pakled, he would get picked clean to the bone by the ferengi.

god damn, i’m an adult and this must be how my addled mind is trying to rationalize what’s happening around me and still shore up my sanity. fuck.

4:16p in what world is it okay that kids have fuckin shooter drills? one of these kids said they had wild animal drills.

i think i figured out what that’s code for.

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