notes from the office #57

10:54a going to [xxxx] today with my boss. effectively a half day, i think? idk how this is going to go, but i have a feeling im going to be spending more time in my boss’ truck getting to that far fucking flung office than actually in whatever meeting or presentation they have going on.

this week’s mbmbam really only had one highlight for me, travis name dropped magic tavern again for like the third time and griffin was audibly annoyed. it was funny as hell. like sorry he’s excited for a good show, DUUUUUDE. griffin said something about magic tavern buying a jumbotron and i’m thinking about asking the magic tavern group i’m in about crowdfunding a commercial jumbotron for the show. i just can’t write copy for shit.

i mean, i’d write bing bong until the character limit ran out ffs

this week’s cults episode is pretty interesting. mostly because i think i’ve heard the music from the cult of euthanasia before. i went through a techno period in high school (im sorry). either way, it’s fucking wwwweird

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