notes from the office #58

10:03a my coworkers always bring food for people’s birthday and today is mine. i think they are mad at me because i didn’t touch the cake. like i told them, i can’t. ya’ll go ahead. it’s not sacred. i can’t eat the 10 tons of food ya’ll brought either. one of my coworkers made a sweet pasta salad though, that’s the highlight of my day so far.

10:15a sometimes i wonder if one of my coworker weaponizes gifting and parties.

3:27p busy day. been talking to a senior analyst at the office we went to yesterday. nice guy. facing all the same problems i had when i migrated us over to the parcel fabric, just on a 100000000x scale.

i also end up writing email in the vernacular i’ve developed around my own house, and they use the really esri specific vernacular. it was a nice exercise to go back and edit myself afterwards. like, this is how far i’ve drifted from esri canon GIS. i’ve been out of school for ~2 1/2 years and pretty much on my own as far as GIS education. i have the manuals. i try to interact as much as i can with the people on geonet. but the rest of these playgrounds for GIS people are behind paywalls and beyond my reach.

4:48p it boggles my mind that my coworkers seem to think a sprinkling of rain is the main rain event that shows up on weather reports. no, no dude this is nothing. did ya’ll forget the floods already? we’re going to need boats to get around in a few years.

4:59p it’s always bad when esri’s crash reporter crashes.

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