notes from the office #59

9:15a it was an unremarkable birthday. my boyfriend forgot again. it shouldn’t hurt, but it does.

9:27a sometimes i forget i’m an involuntary sysadmin.

10:02a i got a “how to draw cute things” book coming in the mail. i can’t wait. it was a way better buy than nail stuff. although i’m still going to pick up some of those overwatch themed indie polishes i saw the other day. i’m going to focus on not totally destroying my fingernails by picking at them – if they get messed up while doing something that’s fine. i just don’t want to pick at them because of anxiety anymore.

a parcel unjoin process should not take more than a minute, jfc. i know this is somehow my fault, but i have no idea where to start.

i’ve got back to listening to the magnus archives and i’m enjoying it so far.

10:12a senior analyst dude mentioned that esri might be moving towards doing away with annotation completely. that’s a fucking punch to the gut man. annotation is fucking great, but i get it. when you have north of 2 million pieces of annotation in a given feature class, performance becomes garbage.

11:56a typos on surveys spikes my blood pressure the same way being cut off by an aggresive driver does.

“And being more fully dsscribed by the metes and bounds as follows:”


12:02p my coworker got me these flowers for my birthday. i think they are tulips. they’re opening up and i hope they live long enough for me to get them home. they are pretty. i didn’t know i liked flowers.

12:07p esri’s crash reporter crashed again. it’s not been my week.

2:15p what the hell are you supposed to say to someone that asks you if you “cheat on your diet” when your diet is the way it is because you have food allergies and no longer wish to suffer. SOME PEOPLE FUCKING DIE FROM FOOD ALLERGIES, THEY DON’T GET A CHEAT DAY. IT WOULD BE THEIR LAST DAY. i just say “no, i don’t.” this lady says, i have crohn’s disease but i can’t manage to eat the diet my doctor tells me. well, i mean, you can either do what your doctor says and control your crohn’s or not. it’s a pretty easy decision to make. fucking a, boomers really are generation me.

3:30p listening to the overwatch league daily show. the fuel has coaches to make sure their team is functioning mentally and taking care of themselves. that’s fucking awesome. everyone needs one of those.

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