notes from the office #60

8:16a the magnus archives is turning out to be really good. it’s like if warehouse 13 were english and 100% horror. i love the “terrible and unthinkable horror contained in BOOKS” trope. and i mean, that’s not the only thread in the story. there’s a lot and the tapestry is looking pretty good so far.

hftmt did advanced offices and bosses this week. that was fucking great. i love it when they bust out the more nerdy than not references and a version of dungeons and dragons based on earth played from foon is bbbbbrutally nerdy.

8:41a i think these hyrdocolloid bandages are going to change my eczema care game. i have like 2 on my foot rn over some flare ups that have resolved (the itching is mostly done) and now i have like total probably 2″x4″ of raw skin to cover up. i was using gauze pads and self-adhesive wrap but that proved problematic since it got dirty SOOOOO FFFFFAAAASSSTTT. before that, i was using gauze pads and cloth tape which wouldn’t work unless i taped my foot up and over the ankle. it also got dirty quickly and held on to moisture, got extra gross pretty quick.

but these bandages, even the cheap ones that i got from cvs, seem to work better so far. like it didn’t itch at all over night. even after the main itch phase is done, it can still itch. esp if it dries out.

9:39a why is king falls am so adept at ripping my heart out of my chest and then making me laugh?

fucking bingothelioma. THAT’S MY LIFE.

but if there’s a character from a podcast that so closely resembles me it’s sammy. if i didn’t stutter or mix up words i think i’d have gone into radio. but ben’s sheer rage later on in the episode is also me.

3:21p the woman out in the bullpen complains about the same thing every single daaaaaay

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