notes from the office #62

11:09a my day is a crap day so far. i’m busy but no one else is, since the appraisal suite is locked. i’m the only one that doesn’t do 100% of their work in it.

a serious thunderstorm rolled through last night. i haven’t been able to sleep through a storm since harvey. so yeah, i guess i really didn’t need those 2.5 hours of sleep anyway. i know it’s irrational. i don’t know how to get past it. i just lay in bed and peek out the window at the rain. i’m not thinking about anything other than i want to sleep. i’m sure on some level i’m expecting the flood again. i’m geared to run out and park my truck on the apartment’s tennis court. i can’t risk my truck again. access to ready transportation is the only thing standing between me and homelessness so there’s that.

i’m really behind on my knitting. i should have done that last night and i might have gone back to sleep.

11:22a the woman across from me is beaming about how her nephew (i think that’s what i heard) mock crucified himself in their front yard for easter

idk i think that’s kind of fucking weird

3:35p john cena’s interview broke my heart.

4:48P i want to go to the greatest generation live show so bad. they have dates in austin and dallas. i don’t think i can afford to travel or take that much time off work. uuugggghhhh

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