notes from the office #63

8:14a greyhound is fucking cheap. like economy both wasy would cost me $22. i need to figure out where to stay overnight. figure out how to get around. i’m sure austin is like here to some degree, spread out. jfc my anxiety

8:55a listening to the maxfun donor feed. i’m on the greatest generation crimson tide episode and i just realized i’ve never seen crimson tide in its enirety.

11:11a i haven’t even confirmed going to austin yet and i’m literally gripped with anxiety at the idea of getting an uber. not that there’s anything wrong with the service, or needing to use it, or the people who drive for uber, just omg my social anxiety is intense.

i mean, do you get in the back seat? i’d assume so. like a taxi? ffs i’m so scared and i could probably google this

2:03p i wish my eczema would stop weeping. it’s flared up on my right foot. i can’t keep a bandage on it without it falling off from the moisture. wrapping it either gets disgusting from walking around or shifts around and exposes the gauze and gets super painful. i thought i’d got it with some spray-on liquid bandage but the weeping makes sure the liquid bandage never actually seals. uuuggghhh. i even tried splitting a paper towel, applying it to the weeping wound and spraying the liquid bandage over it but that didn’t work either. i tried using the liquid bandage and then applying a large bandage over it and that worked overnight. once i got up and started walking around the bandage eventually fell off.

hydrocolloid bandages work well for small flares. this one is like 2″x2″. i can’t find any that big in stores, and i saw some on amazon but a box of 5 is $20. uuugh.

4:19p still feeling some serious anxiety over a trip that might or might not happen. eeeeeeeeeeee

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