notes from the office #64

8:00a i figured out a few things last night. i can go to the greatest gen show in austin. the tickets are affordable, and there is an affordable hotel within walking distance of the venue and bus stop.

9:48a my anxiety

this is just like right before mbmbam tickets went on sale

i also apparently went to sleep before my nail polish completely dried. at least it’s a clear coat. i can’t stop staring at it. let’s focus on these left over densified arcs instead!!!

9:57a i am legit more excited for greatest gen than mbmbam.

hhhnnnffffffff can’t wait just a couple more minutes

9:59a i also have to pee really bad but don’t want to get up yet holy god

10:00a omg chrome froze

12:21p everything worked out. i have my ticket for the show, my hotel room booked, all i have left to do is book greyhound. this is working out. my anxiety is subsiding ssssslowly. i need to find a spot to park for mbmbam next week. omg. life is happening and it’s great.

1:39p bandage magic! i forgot. i found some large hydrocolloid bandages at walgreens. large enough to cover the wound on my foot. i was worried that it might peel on the edges, like every other bandage, due to the shape of my foot and the stress on the bandage from walking. i sprayed my foot down with liquid bandage, then applied the hydrocolloid bandage after a few seconds but while the liquid was still tacky. it stayed on perfectly overnight. i walked around a little, took a shower and it started to peel. i put another smaller hydrocolloid bandage over the area that peeled and it stayed on just fine. it has stayed in place all day. this is a fucking first. it doesn’t itch. i hope it’s healing.

3:10p watching the c2e2 panel live stream. what i’ve seen looks way better than the ones i’ve seen at comicpalooza. sweet jesus. houston, step up your god damn game. we got chicago’s fuckin bean, we can do better at our conventions. k nevermind, this is some crazy 15-minute panelathon by syfy


re: elvish tattoo making one less cool – wtf that’s cool? i’m trying to draw a chunt tattoo ffs

oh fuck, arnie, i think i could recite the intro to hftmt

matt’s haircut is fuckin sharp

i would totally use being in a fantasy realm for social media cred

“/comedy/ improv?”

awwwww shout out to the fan art group

if i was working burger king and 40 ppl showed up right at close i’d be nervous too. like ya’ll, we’re closed. please god, go somewhere else i just cleaned EVERYTHING

i need to actually ask about working on the wiki, i need to give back a little bit more

lol live show shenanigans, *a* dark lord

NNOOOOO california call i don’t have time for you, leave a voicemail if it’s important.

i’d binge gettin’ nuts if i could

4:55p man i want one of these paint by rhinestone kits. omg.

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