notes from the office #65

8:19a i’m eventually going to catch up this blog so i can update it daily instead of in big batches. i write 5 days a week. this is mostly just so i have a space to vent that’s not going to hurt anyone. there aren’t very many people who do what i do, so it can be frustrating for me to vent to my loved ones and friends when they don’t understand what i’m frustrated about.

i started and finished archive 81 last week and finished it up saturday, then i started the blood crow stories over the weekend and i’m digging it. i kind of wish there was more archive 81, it was a really interesting concept. so is the blood crow stories.

8:38a blood crow stories ep 5 – i think fiona’s my favorite character. dump that zero and go sing to those chickens!

9:15a the desire to just knit all day is back. i want to make a cardigan. right now i’ve frogged and restarted this bolero 4 times now and it’s an easy 4-row repeat. hhhhhmmmm. like i want to make a hftmt themed cardigan. i know i can’t make it super intricate, that’s a limitation of the medium but i could totally probably put some of the main themes. like the tavern’s logo, a badgie, and maybe a blue bird. a microphone? i’ll just have to figure it out. i am like a month behind on my temerpature shawl.

10:54a why why why do i get these little blips of existential dread – suddenly realizing i’m terrified of death and what it will be and what i’ll leave behind and if anyone will remember me. i just want it to stop. i’m afraid of dying alone, but then don’t we all die alone? i just hope i don’t die in pain.

12:00p BCS STOP PUTTING MY HEART THROUGH A WRINGER. i also hope fiona stays on the farm and that shitbag husband fucks right off. anyone who murders animals to prove a point is probably like 2 heartbeats from killing people.

2:18p i had a thought and i lost it.

2:21p this wasn’t my thought, but close enough. i made a batch of this oatmeal quick bread. 1/2 batch as a sheet pancake for breakfast and the other half as mini muffins.

2.5 cup dry rolled oats, ground until fine (or cornmeal)
.5 cup all purpose flour (or ground rolled oats)
1 banana, blended with 2.5 cups of water (this is a substitute for soy milk, which is a substitute for cow milk)
1 cup of unsweetened applesauce
3 tbsp baking powder
7 tbsp apriva (or favorite 1:1 sugar substitute, or sugar)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp chia seeds (poppy seeds might be good in this too)
1 tbsp vanilla extract

bake at 350 until a toothpick comes out clean. if you want proper griddled pancakes just make it like that. easy peasy.

it tastes like banana bread. i don’t remember where i found the original recipe, but i had adapted it for a cornmeal pancake. i then ran out of cornmeal and had a ton of rolled oats so i just made a substitution there. i made it with soy milk the first time, then the next time i went to make these i was out of soymilk but i had bananas soooo banana milk was made.

2:43p so i found out there’s a significant error in one of our datasets that might significantly impact some stuff that’s kind of important and my boss is on the fucking phone and i’m not really cool rn because i’m afraid all this shit is going to come down on me instead of my predecessor. oh, sweet lord.

2:49p THANK GOODNESS IT AFFECTS NOTHING AT ALL. ugh we just use it for open records requests and i’m glad i got an updated copy of this dataset from the authority.

3:49p jfc i put some shelled pistachios in my snacks this week. i could eat a solid 10lbs of these, in shell. i love pistachios. they are my favorite nut

this has another episode been gettin’ nuts

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